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How to Get the Perfect Party Wear Look With Sarees?

How to Get the Perfect Party Wear Look With Sarees?

  • Editorial Team

Chances are that you have Googled some version of "How to get the perfect party wear saree look?" before you landed on this blog. How many selfies did you send your BFF for fashion advice? Or How many fashion faux pas did you make when it comes to Indian sarees?  

We are sure, if you were seriously looking for it, the list would be quite long. So where are you now? Did you find what you were looking for? Do you now know the secret behind the perfect look in sarees? Not yet? Don't fret, we have the right answers for you. The beauty of the Indian saree is that it perfectly blends traditional as well as modern styles. The perfect silhouette of a saree is what makes it a great attire for occasions like marriages, big family functions, parties, receptions and more.

So, here we are. We understand that it's not easy to nail the perfect party wear look in a saree. And that is exactly why we have dedicated this post for dressing up perfectly for important occasions like weddings and receptions while draped in our favorite nine yards. Let's get started with the Perfect Party Wear Look With Sarees

Tips To Get A Perfect Look With Party Wear Sarees

Pick the most suitable color saree from the palette 

Yellow, Pink, Orange- all are great colors to wear at a wedding function, reception, engagements, etc. Of course, there are so many other colored sarees that will look great at parties and weddings. 

That doesn't mean that everyone can wear just any color. The saree you choose should be of a color that suits you and complements your skin tone. Although, this doesn't mean that you can't experiment with new shades of colors like olive green and peach. Choose a refreshing new color that suits your skin tone well and makes you feel like a diva. 

Balance Out The Embroidery

When it comes to embroidery on your party wear saree, remember- less is more! Too much embroidery can make you look a little extra and it will add unwanted weight on you, especially if you are already on the heavier side. The most important thing to remember while buying embroidered sarees is that you are not competing with the bride, It's her day, let her have it and don't focus on heavily embroidered sarees so much. 

Another thing that people usually ignore is the type of embroidery on the party wear sarees. Your party wear saree can be adorned with different types of embroidery, including Gota Patti work, zari work, stonework, sequin work and more of the trendiest embroidery styles. So, if you have a choice between the standard thread embroidery and the previously mentioned choices (Gota Patti, zari, stones, and sequins), pick the latter. 

Choose a trendy saree style for the party

A lot of fashion frenzy women are picking up saree styles like flared sarees, ruffle sarees, half and half sarees because these are the most in-thing in the Indian fashion industry. Keep an eye out for the latest saree styles on the runway and keep experimenting with fresh styles that are taking the fashion industry by the wave. 

On the other, you can't go wrong with a classic style saree like the iconic Banarasi silk saree or a designer lehenga saree

Accessorize Cautiously

Whoever said that diamonds are a woman's best friend had clearly never heard of gold jewelry, silver, pearls and so many other exquisite jewelries that look absolutely gorgeous with a saree. However, be careful about how you accessorize with your saree. You can be wearing the hottest saree but with the wrong accessories, the entire look falls apart. So, think of the accessories while purchasing your saree online.

  • Earing and Necklace: Don't be too extra with your earrings and necklace. Subtle and sober is your way to go while accessorizing with a saree for a party. 
  • Bangles:  While dancing on mene chudi hai khankayi with both hands filled with bangles does sound tempting, in reality, too many bangles were a thing of the 90s and let them be there. If you absolutely must wear bangles, keep them only in one hand with a simple bracelet or watch in the other. 
  • Paasam, tika, baju bandh and kamar bandh are other fascinating accessories for your partywear saree look. Not all of them together though! Keep a balance and experiment. 
  • Footwear: Footwear you choose to wear with your saree can make or break your party wear look. If you are comfortable with stilettos and sandals, then nothing like it, go for it! Or you can choose any ethnic footwear with a slight elevation which will help you handle your saree better
  • Hairdo: Your hairstyle will surely complete your look. While it is traditional that most women will keep their hair down for a party look. However, you can look a little Hatkay and choose to tie your hair into a braid or a clean bun for a more distinctive look. 

To be honest, the secret of the perfect look with party wear sarees is maintaining the balance of chic and over the top. What did you think of our tips? Do you have your own secret steps for getting ready for a party in sarees? Put them in the comment section below. 

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