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Printed Sarees: Top 5 occasions you can wear them!

Printed Sarees: Top 5 occasions you can wear them!

  • Editorial Team

One of the most celebrated Indian clothes in the world is the good old nine yards of the beautiful Indian Saree. Contrary to the popular belief a lot of Indian women still love to wear sarees on a regular basis. And printed sarees are making a massive comeback as they are once again one of the most in-demand sarees amongst women with its potential to make you look remarkable and classy. Wearing a printed saree is a sure shot way to bag that striking look. 

Our love and trend for printed sarees or any other saree for that matter is evergreen. That's one thing that is never going to change. 

Often the darling print saree is considered useful only for casual wear and not deemed good enough for other occasions- and that could be far from the truth.

Thus, honoring the forever-loved printed sarees, here is a list of different occasions where you can rock the printed saree

As an everyday wear. DUH!

Lightweight fabrics like Georgette sarees and chiffon sarees are ideal choices as casual day wear during summers. Wave goodbye to anyone who says these fabrics are too much for daily wear. A saree is the best defense against the hot and scorching heat in India. Didn't you ever wonder why women in the olden days wore sarees even though there were no air conditioners, coolers or even fans around? It is the utmost comfort of casual Indian printed saree that makes saree one of the most versatile attire in Indian clothing wear. 

So drop the idea that saree can't be in your summer wardrobe and buy a printed saree online right now! 

Drape a saree and go to work

Who doesn't love a Boss lady rocking the super feminine saree at work? She looks smart, sophisticated and stylish. This ethnic saree look at work is a pretty hit look in India- especially amongst women in the hospitality industry, visual media like a TV news anchor, or women holding management positions in corporate offices. Printed sarees are also a great pick for women working in politics and foreign delegation. The benefit of wearing a printed saree at a formal event is two-fold- 1. It looks chic and stands your style apart. 2. It shows that you are proud of your culture. 

When it comes to choosing a printed saree for office wear, pick the prints with small motifs. For fabric choose a nice cotton saree, cotton silk saree, an art silk sarees or even crepe sarees. These fabrics are lightweight yet bring a certain class to your complete look.

Show off your printed saree while brunching with friends

Who said you can't rock a saree in a jazzy restaurant on a Sunday afternoon? Like plenty of stylish women, you can drape your printed saree in the most innovative ways on your girls' day out. From exchanging your blouse for a flashy crop top to trying various draping styles. How about you buy a printed saree online for your next shopping trip with your girlfriends. Try this out!


Printed sarees for college functions like traditional day and farewell

College functions are a great place for young girls to flaunt the perfect poise in your saree. A lightweight printed saree is highly recommended to wear at college events like traditional day, saree day and farewells as they fancy enough with a sober vibe but not too flashy to make you look out of place. 

Two Words- Printed Partywear Saree!

Get it out of your head that partywear saree means heavy embroidery sarees and Banarasi silk sarees only. Many other saree styles will also look pretty chic at parties and one of the most under-appreciated ones is printed sarees as party wear. 

When it comes to party wear, a lot of women pick up shiny fabrics like printed silk sarees which can be a real hassle to handle during the party. You don't want to miss out on the party just because you are too busy managing your fancy silk saree. Instead, opt for an abstract printed saree or small motif printed saree with subtle jewelry.

There you go, ladies! 

We have made it so much easier for you. If nothing else, you now know for a fact that you can easily wear a beautiful printed saree on any of these occasions. Don't be afraid to mix and match and explore wearing printed sarees on different occasions. 

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