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Everything you need to know about Banarasi Silk Sarees

Everything you need to know about Banarasi Silk Sarees

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The great Indian saree is deeply rooted in the core of Indian traditions and culture. The garment has been a primary attire for women from all cultures and regions. The versatility and beauty of the Indian saree is the sole reason that it has been popular for years amongst women all over the world. 

Today, the modern Indian women can have several types of sarees from an abundance of variety from georgette and chiffon saree to one of the most elegant saree- which is the Banarasi silk saree

Did you know that famous Banarasi saree has a glorious past that traces its history to the Holy Ghats of Ganga? The name Banarasi saree is after the ancient city of Varanasi where the saree originated. The city was known for legendary craftsmen who would use threads of gold and silver and create the iconic Banarasi sarees for women of the royal families. The modern woman is still drawn to the elegance of a Banarasi, owing to its refined and royal appeal. 

What makes Banarasi saree so special though? Some would say it's the intricate motif designs on the fabric or engravings or the craftsmanship or it could even be the brocade silk fabric itself. We say it's the perfect combination of all these and the enhanced beauty of the lady who is wearing the Banarasi saree that makes Banarasi saree one of the most trending sarees of all time. 

The diverse collection of chic and refined sarees are mainly created with extravagant designs that are mostly floral, foliage, and upright leaves called jhallar. One of the most unique aspects of a Banarasi saree is the borders that are shining with gold or silver threads that add to the regality of the saree. Regardless if it's a regular Banarasi saree or a wedding saree, no Banarasi saree will come without the much sought after a luxury appeal that the garment is known for. 

No North Indian wedding is complete without at least one Banarasi saree in the bride’s trousseau. And you can always count on a sophisticated modern Indian woman to invest in a classy Banarasi saree as well. It is considered to be one of the most treasured heirloom collections of women across the country. 

The history of Banarasi Silk Sarees

Once upon a time Varanasi or Banaras was an up and coming location in the handloom industry. By the 17th century, the craftsmen in Varanasi started weaving Brocade silk and by the early 19t century, it had evolved into a well-established silk industry. The Mughal influence on the Banarasi silk saree designs is prominent even today. This is because around the 14th century when the weaving of brocade silk with zari was prominent was around the same time when Mughals were ruling the country. 

The Banarasi Silk Saree is considered to be one of the most premium traditional Indian sarees. Why? Because they are created from the finest most high-grade quality of pure silk. Additionally, they are enhanced with silver and gold zari and threads that intensify their beauty. 

The premium silk, prosperous zari, the intricate endeavors of the highly skilled craftsmen is what adds value to the saree and also the reason why the saree is so heavily priced. It could take up to 18 days to 6 months to craft a typical Banarasi silk saree. Many Indian women treat a Banarasi silk saree as a prized possession and are sometimes passed down to generations of women in the family. 

Banarasi silk sarees are created from few fabrics which include the purest form of silks to georgette. Banarasi sarees from a type of silk called Katan are considered to be the purest of Banarasi silk sarees. They offer the most royal appeal while comparatively being the most expensive as well. The sheer fabric of organza with silk and zari work is another fabric used to make Banarasi saree. It is decorated with silver threads that are weaved around the silk yarn to create a spellbinding zari brocade. The modern version of Banarasi silk saree is made from a popular fabric called shattir. Apart from all that, designers use a shiny georgette fabric to create a heavy Banarasi designer saree. 

Thanks to the fashion designers of today, the age-old handloom industry is revived and handloom attire is back in fashion. The modern Banarasi saree perfectly represents the legacy of the iconic saree and modern chic appeal at the same time. 

The most in-demand trends of this saree include unique floral patterns, geometric designs, and stripes. Unlike the old silk sarees, the modern saree is a blend of fabrics, color palette, and motifs while not straying too far away from the classic Banarasi saree designs. 

Here is a list of modern Banarasi sarees that women love

Golden and Ivory Banarasi Saree

As the name suggests Gold and Ivory saree is the combination of Gold and Ivory color palette. You can see actress Deepika Padukon rocking a golden and ivory Banarasi saree at her wedding reception in Bengaluru. She wore a gold brocade saree paired with a gorgeous ivory blouse. Remember to accessorize appropriately if you are choosing for a similar look and look fabulous. 

Georgette Banarasi Saree

A Georgette Banarasi saree is highly recommended for the modern Indian woman who wants both- the comfort of a light-weight fabric and the classy look of a Banarasi silk saree. They look equally flamboyant as a silk saree in vibrant color and are enhanced with gold and silver zari work. 

Banarasi Cotton silk Sarees

Over the years, Banarasi sarees have evolved a lot to meet the needs of fashion divas of the time. Thus, came the trend of Banarasi cotton silk sarees that are made from light fabric and a more subtle motif design. These subtle cotton silk sarees are an ideal pick with simple jewelry for a minimalistic look. 

Floral Banarasi Sarees

Who doesn't like florals on their Indian ethnic wear? A Banarasi saree with floral motifs have created their niche when it comes to Indian sarees. When worn with minimalistic jewelry, floral Banarasi saree takes you to the epitome of femininity and style. 


To be honest, this list is practically endless. There are a myriad of styles and patterns of Banarasi silk sarees that are stirring up the Indian ethnic wear fashion industry. One thing to understand is that to buy Banarasi silk sarees is an investment as they are a piece of evergreen fashion and will never go out of style. They offer you the maximum amount of luxe and femininity that a saree can offer. If you are planning to buy a Banarasi Silk Saree then let go of the fear and click on that buy now button, RIGHT NOW!