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Top 7 sarees trends for wedding season

Top 7 sarees trends for wedding season

  • Editorial Team

The wedding season is upon us again with invitations filling up our mailboxes while we are getting busy getting dressed in the best of our Indian clothes for wedding. And when it comes to wedding wear for the bride, you have to admit nothing is more traditional and alluring than our eternal nine-yards.

What is a Saree?

Saree is one of the oldest forms of clothing for women that dates back centuries and traditionally worn in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. It is culturally defined as a single piece of unstitched fabric the length of which ranges from 5 to 9 yards and is worn along with blouse and petticoat. The famous attire holds a lot of significance in Indian culture and till now is adorned by women on festivals and special occasions, especially marriage ceremonies.

A woman's wedding holds a special place in her life and it is only natural she wants to look her absolute best and be dressed in special attire that represents the glory of the occasion day. After all, you only get married once. Sarees are an essential part of the Indian culture and no matter how westernized our everyday outfits get, we subconsciously still link sarees to all our festivities, meetings, rituals, ceremonies, parties and especially weddings. 

Not only for the bride to be, but you can also be dressed to the nines in a trendy saree even if you are the bride's mother, sister, friend or you are going to the wedding just for the food

Thanks to the rise of fashion experts and influencers, women more than ever before are flaunting sarees and different easy to manage drapes while keeping old traditions alive in a new way. 

In this blog, we are bowing down the queen of Indian wear- saree and checking out the top trends for bridal saree this wedding season.

Georgette Saree

Jazz up your bridal look with some wardrobe excitement! Brides these days are stepping away from the classic heavy-duty sarees they can barely walk in and are instead experimenting with the luxurious yet lightweight Georgette sarees for weddings. With a chiffon-like texture, Georgette sarees enhance the beauty of the bride and embroidery, zari and detail thread work adds a glamorous appeal to the contemporary saree. 

Net Saree

Net sarees for the wedding is one trend that never seems to be dying down and has a permanent place in our fashion wardrobe. Wedding saree designers can't seem to get over net sarees as it always strikes the right balance between modern and traditional. The bridal net sarees are decorated with Swarovski crystals, embroidered borders, Zari work or more to add to your bridal oomph.

Banarasi Silk Saree

Wearing a Banarasi silk saree on their wedding is the dream of almost every Indian bride. Made in the city of Varanasi aka Banares, the Banarasi silk sarees are one of the most elegant Indian sarees. It's hard not to be awestruck by a bride draped in rich and classical  Banarasi saree. While Banarasi lehengas are coming up these days in the wedding wear list, they are no match to the Banarasi sarees adorned by brides since time immemorial. Banarasi sarees echoes the ethnic style and gives a pure royal look that urges top designers to continue including Banarasi sarees in their bridal creations.

Lehenga Saree

India's ethnic wear fashion has come a long way since the simple lehenga choli and the evolution of ethnic fashion has introduced the new Indian wedding attire- the ravishing lehenga saree. The minimalistic yet chic style of lehenga sarees has resulted in it being trendier more amongst Indian brides than a traditional lehenga. With the perfect blend of culture and novelty, the trendy lehenga sarees for women are easy to wear, comfortable and versatile enough for the bride to be able to carry out for any wedding functions and occasions.

Pastel Color Saree

This wedding season's top saree trends list will be impossible to complete without the inclusion of pastel color sarees. If you are confused, pastels are the neutral shade of our primary colors like peach, baby pink, lilac, beige, honeydew and more. The modern Indian bride loves the subtle pastel colors over the traditional bride red and green for their big day. Harmonizing with delicate diamond or gold jewelry, pastel sarees are a brilliant option for grandeur wedding. 

Designer Saree

For brides, weddings are just as much about making a style statement as it is about beginning a new life with their beloved. One way of making that style statement is by wearing a dapper designer wedding saree for the wedding or the reception. This demand for trendy wedding sarees reached new levels this wedding season as the fashion designers break all barriers for designing exclusive bridal sarees. If you are looking for a look that says you for your nuptials, you can not go wrong with a stylish designer saree.

Embroidered Saree

As the name suggests, half and half sarees are two fabrics with contrasting yet complementing colors fused to make one unique bridal saree. These half and half wedding sarees are a big hit for the brides to wear at wedding functions like the sangeet or the Mehendi. In a half and half saree, the pleats and the body of the saree are that is wrapped around the waist and drops to the floor is of one color while the pallu that is draped around the shoulder is of another completely contrasting color. If you think a printed half and half saree is too simple for an auspicious occasion like the big fat Indian wedding, think again. A subtle half and half net or georgette embellished saree will look equally elegant the bride to be as an embroidered silk saree. 

There you go, before the onset of the next wedding season, you have all the details of the latest bridal saree trends. Which one of our recommendations will you choose for your big day? Tell us in the comments.