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The 7 Trendiest Blouse Designs in 2020

  • Editorial Team

Just like you can never have too many shoes, we at Hatkay believe that you never have too many cute blouses. It is an undisputed fact that blouses you select for your saree or even your lehenga (choli) can make or break your look. Especially, if you are planning to wear that saree/ lehenga for a special occasion. In that case, everything has to be perfect, right from the fabric of the blouse to the design pattern, the embroidery on it, and more. It all has to gel well with the saree/ lehenga you are wearing. 

Before we do it, let us just rewind and understand what is a blouse exactly? A traditional top that women wear with a saree or a lehenga is called a blouse and is a very important styling element in both the saree and the lehenga. There are numerous types of blouse designs for saree and lehengas, that include a flashy designer blouse, crop blouse, off-shoulder blouse, and many more. 

Thus, we have decided to help you with this dilemma and with this list of top 10 latest and most in vogue blouse designs in 2020. 

The Frill Blouse 

Though not everybody's cup of tea, the frilled blouse is currently one of the most modish design patterns for blouses in 2020. It is ideal because it looks great with sarees as well as lehengas for all types of occasions including wedding parties, cocktail parties, office parties, sangeet nights, and more. Did you know that the frill neck blouse design is derived from the olden English royal fashion style that included raised frills collars on dresses and gowns? The frill neck blouse is best paired with printed sarees and simple diamond earrings that will jazz up your look.

The Off Shoulder Blouse 

Who said saree blouses can't be naughty and flirty? The off-shoulder blouse design is the perfect cocktail of the sexy off-shoulder style pattern of tunics and desi sarees and lehengas. And yes, the fusion is pretty famous in the ethnic blouse designs of 2020. While this cute blouse looks great with all sarees, it is best worn with chiffon sarees, georgette sarees, or net sarees, basically, any translucent fabric that allows you to show off the fancy off-shoulder blouse you have adorned. This sexy look is great to wear at weddings and parties. 

Puff Sleeve Blouse

The puff sleeve blouse design is an old-style revisiting the fashion closets in 2020. It is a style most popular to be worn with silk sarees by Bengali and South Indian brides. This traditional style is great for wearing at weddings, festivals, poojas- and it for sure looks very ethnic yet very stylish! Another way to rock the puff blouse look is to add the puff on the hem of a long sleeve blouse. Take the look even further by adding an embroidery patch. Along with silk saree, the puff sleeves look equally desirable with silky smooth chiffon sarees as well. 

Fringe Blouse Designs for Saree

Don't cringe at the idea of fringe, if cowboys can rock the look, so can you! Fringes on the modern blouse look very sexy, classy, and attractive. You can wear a fringe blouse with your net, chiffon and georgette sarees, regardless if you are 20, 28, 32 or even 40 plus, the fringe look has no age bar! 

Victorian Collar Blouse Design

Straight from the sets of Ally McBeal, the Victorian collar blouse design is a great addition to your must-have collection of blouses. The best thing about this blouse design is that it is very close to your neck, drawing comparison to the olden fashion style of Queen. Other significant aspects of the Victorian collar blouse are the ruffles on the neck, and hem of the sleeves, and of course, it features a single solid color. The style looks great when worn at day time parties, art galas, wine tasting, and more. Wear this classy look with shimmering sarees like silk sarees, art silk sarees, cotton silk sarees, chiffon sarees and more.

Back Knot Blouse

How can one not like this adorable back knotted blouse style? It is chic, trendy and of course, you get to tie a knot at the back of your blouse. Additionally, you can display your creativity by adding more knots as well. Wear this blouse at your next date night or day time events. Bright colors and printed sarees are the way to go with this blouse and hair tied up in a bun if you have long hair (let your back breath a little ;-)

Bridal Blouse 

This one is probably the one we all have been waiting for, the ultimate bridal blouse design. Trust us, bridal blouses for bridal sarees and bridal lehengas are some of the most beautiful things we have seen. The shiny shimmery gold and silver sequins engraved on the soft sheer blouse along with similar shiny sequins on the sleeves are mesmerizing. Not to forget the deep V neck style that befits the Modern Indian bride perfectly. All you need to do is color coordinate it with your saree or lehenga and girl you will look like the bride of your groom's dreams. 

Now that you know about such trending blouse designs, why don't you learn to get the perfect party look with sarees? Also, let us know in the comments what blouse design did you love the most? Which blouse designs are here to stay and which ones do you think are a passing fad?