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Monsoon Indian Ethnic Wear Ideas in Rainy Season in 2022 for Ladies

Monsoon Indian Ethnic Wear Ideas in Rainy Season in 2022 for Ladies

  • Editorial Team

Every season brings something exciting and new always. What is the best Indian ethnic wear in the rainy season? If you have doubts on what to wear, continue reading. Monsoon is the season that gives relief from the sweltering heat. But what bothers women is how to dress for the new season and tackle the season. It's the time of the year that you need to start buying and wearing clothes that are so easy to dry.

You need to choose dresses that camouflage stains the most. So, if you are wearing a lehenga, it is better to cut down the zari work and only choose the designs that are appropriate for the season. When it comes to a salwar kameez, it is best to go for a churidar rather than a Patiala. Don’t choose dresses that have a lot of flares. It’s a wise choice to pick straight cuts asymmetric cut kurtas; ensure they are not too long.

Women Ethnic Wear for Monsoon

  • Churidar or Leggings: Wherever you live in India, the monsoon is the season where there will be water all over with frequent rains. So, what is the best wear? Patiala can be a great option. For monsoon Indian ethnic wear, pick churidars that fit you well. Leggings are also another good option. This helps you easily travel from one place to another even in heavy rains without spoiling your outfit.



  • Don’t wear kurtas with a lot of flares: Short-length kurtas are always the best in the monsoon season. They are light to carry, can be carried easily, and dried off easily just in case they get wet. Make sure you wear kurtas that have a slit on both sides because they offer you great mobility.

In the monsoon, never wear kurtas that come right below your knee or that have a lot of flares. Just buy bright-coloured straight-cut kurtas that are very much simple and good. Monsoon seasons receive heavy showers in the Indian subcontinent. So, wear kurtas that are so easy and simple to maintain rather than choosing conventional fairy kurtas.

  • Pick kurtas with lining: If your outfit gets wet, it becomes transparent, especially for light colours and light fabrics. You may feel uncomfortable when the outfit gets wet. So, in order to avoid such circumstances, always choose kurtas that have a lining.

Also, make sure the kurtas fit in really well. You can wear long kurtas if you are looking for excess air circulation during the summer months, but you should not make this mistake during the rainy season. It can not just be a nuisance to you but also makes you really uncomfortable.

Because, once the kurta is wet, it completely sticks to your body, which makes you look indecent. So, get monsoon-ready by ordering kurtas online that fit well on your body.

  • Chiffon sarees for monsoon: If you love to wear sarees, be it for regular wear or going out, you need to switch your looks. You can’t wear every other saree or any fabric. Since the rainy season is here, it is better for you to try printed chiffon sarees. Georgette sarees are also better as they quickly dry up even if they get wet compared to other fabrics.



They are easy to maintain as well during the monsoon season. Choose single-coloured georgette or chiffon sarees and you are ready to rock this monsoon.

  • Dressing up for weddings: You don’t have to neglect your style just because it is the rainy season. Weddings are very important, and you need to look really good on special occasions. Crepe silk sarees with zari borders can be tried. But make sure you avoid pastel shades.

You should also neglect sarees with heavy embroidery work during the rainy season as mud easily gets attracted and sticks to them. It is so tough and challenging to maintain during the rainy season. Hatkay.com has a magnificent collection of monsoon Indian ethnic wear collections that you really like.

Are Western Outfits Good for Monsoon Months?

You don’t have to wear western outfits during the rainy season. If you take denim, which is a part of casual wear, they are extremely heavy fabrics. They won’t dry at all even if you stand all day. These kinds of fabrics make you highly uncomfortable during the monsoon season.

Before the monsoon, revamp your wardrobe and make it ready to cater for your needs until the end of the season. Ethnic wear is the best for rainy days and can save you without a doubt. Even women who wear western outfits during other seasons also try to wear ethnic outfits for a few months until the end of the rainy season.

Can You Mix and Match Kurta Leggings During the Rainy Season?

During rainy days, you will usually wear dark-coloured churidars and leggings. Now even if you don’t have many outfits inside your wardrobe, what will you do when it rains all of a sudden? You can’t just sit at home even though you have enough work and things to tackle outside, right?

So, just wear the usual kurtas that you wear. They are perfect to handle the rainy season. By doing so, you can increase your outfit options and show your style quotient even during rainy days. Also, by doing this, you don’t have to spend a lot to buy new clothes, right? So, what are you waiting for now? If you don’t have clothes for the monsoon, order right away. If you are looking for the best website to order some winter clothes, shop with us and you won’t regret it at all.


Hope you have now got a lot of tips that can help you make a style statement during the monsoon season. As you now know where to purchase the best monsoon ethnic wear for ladies in 2022, shop now with us, and we assure you will experience the best monsoon season without any hassle with your outfits. Don’t forget to try the ideas listed above! Order online at Hatkay.com, and we will get the clothes delivered to your doorstep within no time.