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How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Saree? How to Wear a Modern Saree as a Bridesmaid?

How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Saree? How to Wear a Modern Saree as a Bridesmaid?

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We all plan weddings in a spectacular way, so that all eyes are on the groom and the bride. From stunning outfits, decoration to beautiful flowers, we create an aura that everyone at the wedding feels mesmerised. Besides all these, if you are the bridesmaid at your friend’s wedding, choosing a perfect bridesmaid saree is a challenging task because you also need to be as good as the bride.

Let us dig deeper to understand who a bridesmaid is.

A bridesmaid is a close friend or relative of the bride. She should be an unmarried woman. Bridesmaids act as bride’s support before the occasion and during all the wedding related occasions. They can help in planning your wedding, shopping, makeup and all the things. They will be with the bride all the time.

So, you now understand the importance of a bridesmaid in a wedding. Now, let us know more about bridesmaid sarees.

Bridesmaid Saree

Apart from the bride, a majority of the eyes are on the bridesmaid saree as well in a wedding. As a bridesmaid, you can try different styles to look as good as possible. You don’t have to stick to the regular gowns or sarees. You have all the freedom to experiment and look fabulous. Most Hindu bridesmaids choose vibrant sarees for their friend’s or cousin’s wedding.

Choose a saree that perfectly suits your body type. Make sure you stitch your blouse well and drape the saree rightly to get the look that you deserve as a bridesmaid.

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Best Fabrics for Bridesmaid Saree

Some of the best fabrics that you can choose for a bridesmaid saree are:

  • Banarasi Silk
  • Georgette
  • Net
  • Silk 

Bridesmaid sarees from these fabrics are too good and you will be spoilt for choice. We have an extensive collection of the latest 2022 style bridesmaid sarees that will stun you without a doubt. Moreover, from party wear, embroidered to banarasi, we have almost every style of bridesmaid saree that can give you a striking look at the wedding or any related occasion.

Top Bridesmaid Saree Look Ideas for the Wedding

Firstly, if there are many bridesmaids, choose the theme in advance. Try matching sarees or a different theme altogether to get a new look that entices everyone.

Some of the best themes for a bridesmaid wedding are:

  • Rainbow theme: This is a trend that is growing these days among bridesmaids. The bridesmaid sarees are looking so good and vibrant now, and they are definitely the top choice to get a gorgeous look. Rainbow theme is one of the finest themes for a bridesmaid saree. Choose rainbow colours among your friends including the bride and you are all set to get a stunning look.

VIBGYOR colours, which are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red colours should be shared among your friends. Here the tip is, wear a saree with less border or less work as it will look attractive for a bridesmaid saree. 

  • Gradient saree theme: Have you ever tried an ombre pattern? It is one of the best for weddings as a bridesmaid. Choose sarees with a gradient effect since it is extremely famous nowadays. For bridesmaids, choose pastels to get the best looks. Make sure you wear it in a simple way to get the best look.
  • Floral theme: Floral theme is one of the finest themes now. It is widely among bridesmaids these days. Floral prints on the saree with a light embroidery are definitely excellent and get a feminine look. You can also have this for the Mehendi ceremony as well.

Georgette sarees with floral design are excellent choices to get a modernised look. If you are looking for a new look, try this with the other bridesmaids to steal the show.

  • Cocktail theme: This is the theme that bridesmaids today are more interested in. Buy sarees with good embroidery, make sure you have the right jewellery, laces, and other accessories to get a striking look. If you want suggestions on the fabric to choose, silk is the best as it gives a royal look to you. Neutral colours are in-demand for cocktail themes.

Draping Modern Sarees for Bridesmaid

We have compiled a collection of the best draping ideas for bridesmaids and listed them below to help you.

  • Dhoti Style: Dhoti style is quite trending these days. It will not just enhance your looks but will also make sure you get a modern look. Wear it with a belt to get a more amazing look.
  • Half saree with a lehenga: Do you want to get a traditional saree look but at the same time do not want to compromise on getting the modern look? Then, a half saree with a lehenga is the best. This look will make you stand out as a bridesmaid. A lehenga combined with a saree provides the required elegance that you desire.
  • Try cape styled drape: This gives you a solid look. We guarantee you will get the most compliments by draping your saree in this style. Wear a stylish blouse and you are ready to rock the occasion as a bridesmaid.
  • Belted saree: This is one of the coolest styles to wear as a bridesmaid. They will accentuate your waist in such a way that you will fall in love with yourself.
  • Jacket-style saree: They provide the required charm that you always need. If you are attending a winter wedding as a bridesmaid, then this style is the most sought-after without a doubt to get a ravishing look.
  • Front pallu drape: Front pallu drape doesn’t necessarily have to give you a traditional look. Buy a modern saree and drape it rightly to get the perfect look you need.
  • Try front stitched pallu: Do you want to get a bold look as a bridesmaid? Casual saree must be your top pick. Wear a leather belt around your waist and you are all good to get a stylish look and steal the spotlight.

Now that you know how to drape a modern saree, as a bridesmaid, you can be the show stealer at your friend’s or cousin’s wedding.

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As a bridesmaid, you are the pillar at the wedding. It’s a big day for you besides the bride because you have to look your absolute best as everyone will also be looking at you. In western countries, bridesmaids wear gowns, but Indian brides wear sarees only to get ethnic touch.

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