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How to Look Stylish in Traditional Indian Clothing? Where to Buy the Best Fashionable Ethnic Wear for Women Online?

How to Look Stylish in Traditional Indian Clothing? Where to Buy the Best Fashionable Ethnic Wear for Women Online?

  • Editorial Team

Indian clothes are the epitome of elegance. There is no doubt every woman would love to wear Indian clothes, especially a saree because of the style and grace it offers. The majority of women across the world love fashionable Indian clothes. Ethnic wear is the most sought-after by Indians who live abroad. They try to wear it for festivals and other special occasions to bring a special feeling.

Be it a salwar kameez, lehenga, or saree, Indian clothes are absolutely stunning in every way. New trends keep coming every now and then, and in order to look stylish, you need to revamp your wardrobe regularly. Some women think that traditional Indian clothing can’t give the required grace and stylish look, but it’s not true. When you wear it correctly and buy proper clothes that fit you well, you can look really trendy in Indian clothes.

Ways to Look Stylish in Traditional Indian Clothing

We have compiled some of the best tips to look absolutely stylish in traditional Indian clothing. Glance through to know more.

  • Buy clothes that fit you well: This is one of the most vital tips that can help you look stylish. Without fitting yourself in the right clothes, how can you look beautiful? So, whatever you buy, make sure it fits you well as per your body shape and size. Only if the cloth sits comfortably on your skin, you will get the best looks that you deserve.
  • Pick the right bottoms: Palazzos are quite popular nowadays. Rather than churidar or salwar kameez, many women are going after a palazzo. Of course, it is your final decision in the end, but make sure what you decide looks good on you. But palazzos will give you a versatile look with any kind of top that you wear.
  • Drape in style: A saree is the most renowned dress in Indian women’s fashion. A few tips will make you look glamorous in a saree. Firstly, you need to position your saree nicely across your arms and around your waist so that you get a fab look. This will ensure you look very slim by not adding more volume or weight.

    Moreover, choose a fabric that is light in weight. Choose fabrics such as chiffon or crepe. If you wear fabrics such as silk or cotton, they usually tend to add more volume to your looks, making you look hefty.
  • Wear dark colours: If you want to look superb and stylish in Indian clothes, wear dark colours. Why only dark colours? If you have this question in mind, then you should know that dark colours create an illusion of a slimmer body. They hide the possible bulky areas very well in comparison to other lighter colours.
  • Style your hair perfectly: Loose hair is the best for a stylish look. Did you see celebrities wearing sarees with loose hair? How beautiful will they look? They flaunt their beauty and create a more youthful look with their hairstyle. Moreover, these styles make you look a lot slimmer than you actually are.
  • Keep accessories minimal: It is a fact that heavy accessories or makeup will spoil your looks. It is better to keep your accessories minimal. Makeup should also be less. Keep it simple for a classy look. On the other hand, if you overdo it, it may crush your looks entirely. Even though you wear beautiful Indian clothes like a lehenga, a salwar, or a saree, nothing is going to help you.
  • Never lose yourself in trends that don’t match you: You don’t have to follow each and every trend that comes up. Not every trend looks good on you. It’s always great to stay comfortable in clothes that fit you well and give you a matchless, flawless look. Don’t jump to every trend and just forget the trends that don’t meet your needs.

If you want to look stylish in traditional Indian clothing, buy Indian clothes from Hatkay.com. It is one of the finest destinations for Indian clothing and women across the world shop for the latest and trendy clothes online with us. From the incredible sarees, lehengas to salwar kameez, and more, we have an extensive collection of the latest Indian clothes that you will fall in love with.

From festivals, sangeet, engagement ceremony, to wedding and other special occasions, we have sarees that fit all your needs. Women of all ages can shop at Hatkay.com. If the next big occasion is just around the corner, you don’t have to wait now. Just start your shopping spree and we assure you will not regret your decision.

How to Choose Indian Clothes for Each Occasion

  • Lehenga choli for weddings: Besides a saree, which is the perfect traditional clothing for Indians, a lehenga choli is a dream dress for women on their wedding day. Buy a beautiful lehenga choli that mesmerises the groom. A lehenga for your special day will not make you regret your decision.


Pink Zari Embroidered Bridal Lehenga Choli


Thereafter for the pooja, post-wedding ceremonies, etc, we have lehengas suitable for all occasions. Silk lehenga, georgette lehenga, velvet lehenga, each lehenga fabric is good for different occasions and we serve all your needs. 

  • Designer gowns for special occasions: Indians welcome all styles of clothing. Gowns are western wear and they have been quite popular as well. Women have started wearing gowns for their special days as well. Designer gowns have been the most sought-after by women for cocktail parties, sangeet nights, and more. The beautiful mirror work on the gown will enhance your looks even more.


Green Sequence Embroidered Designer Gown


  • We have designer gowns with complex patterns that suit your needs well. Indian clothes are suitable for all occasions, and it is up to our taste to wear them accordingly.
  • Salwar kameez for every occasion: Our salwar kameez suits have incredible colours and designs. You can wear them not just as casual wear but also for all the special occasions like pooja, wedding, birthday party, and more. Our salwar kameez outfits will give you a modernised look without a doubt. The Anarkali suit, pant suits, lehenga suits, churidar suits, and more styles can be the best.
Mauve Purple Golden Embroidered Slit Style Anarkali Lehenga Suit

Give Contemporary Touch to Indian Clothes

No woman ever said that they don’t need a fashionable outfit. We all have diverse styling needs, and to suit your needs, Hatkay.com has an amazing collection of contemporary Indian clothes for every occasion. Indian clothes always have a special place in everyone’s heart. Our special collection features styles that are too good for women.

Without missing the comfort factor, our designers have created clothes that have a perfect blend of traditional and modern-day styles. Shopping with us will never go wrong, and we guarantee it. So, are you ready to give yourself a feminine look? Shop now with us for your next grand occasion.

Hacks and Tips to Look Stylish in Indian Clothes

To look elegant in what you wear, why not experiment a bit? Spice up a few things by changing your style, and we assure that you are ready for a new look. But how can you do it?

  • Earrings matter: Street shopping can provide you ample options to get yourself a cool look wearing earrings. Buy a funky pair of gold earrings or oxidised silver earrings. This will transform your looks to a great extent. Accessories can amplify your looks to a great extent. So, buy some classic jhumkas and get creative.
  • Trendy clutch: Clutch is a common accessory these days. They compliment you and your dress well. Rather than a leather bag, try offbeat ideas such as studded clutches.
  • Play with fabrics: Do you want to look like a modern-nari? Then, you have to play with fabrics well. Get the royal look and at the same time look glamorous by mixing and matching the clothes well. When you are going to a special occasion, check your wardrobe well to find the best outfit that matches the occasion.
  • Bottoms will enhance your style quotient: We know that you have a love for jeans. But, once in a while, put those jeans aside and give yourself an edge over others. There are a wide range of unique choices that you can wear and look magnificent. Palazzos are one of the best options to get a regal look overall.

Follow these hacks and tips, and we assure you that you are going to stun everyone at the occasion that you visit to go.


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