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How to Wear Printed Sarees Neatly?

How to Wear Printed Sarees Neatly?

  • Editorial Team

Looking for a printed saree that gives you the utmost style? It entirely depends on what you buy and the size of the prints. We can help you with wearing a printed saree neatly. Usually, printed sarees come in diverse designs and are suitable to wear in all seasons, be it winter, summer, or even on humid days. They are good to look at when you wear them to perfection.

Hatkay.com has numerous collections of printed sarees that look too good for women of any age. You can buy it for your grown-up children or even your mother with us. We guarantee that they are absolutely the best.

Bright Pink Patola Silk Saree

Sarees that You Can Flaunt

Printed sarees give a versatile look, and make you flaunt your style. You can drape the saree in any way that you want. What gives you a fab look is the pleats. The creases fall beautifully and stay stiff in one place and so they are perfect for draping. If you haven’t draped any saree lately or you are new to draping a saree, wearing a printed saree will give you confidence because you will look your absolute best in a printed saree.

Advantages with Printed Sarees

Some of the top advantages of printed sarees are:

  • Printed sarees come in the finest fabrics that you will love.
  • Print sarees are a great trend now for women as well as girls.
  • They are the best options for formal and informal occasions.
  • Many celebrities also wear them for events because of the trendy style that they give.
  • Printed sarees mostly come in breathable fabric.
  • A wide range of colours are available in these sarees ensuring you have enough choices to pick the best one.
  • The number of colours and patterns available are significantly higher compared to other types of sarees.
  • There are zero chances of drooping.

Tips for Wearing Printed Saree Neatly and Perfectly

To wear a printed saree neatly, make sure you have all the items needed with you.

From safety pins, your blouse, and petticoat to footwear and accessories, everything must be kept ready. Because concentrating on even the minor details will help you get the deserved look you need.

The blouse and the petticoat should have a matching colour. Make sure you have the right fabric so that your looks are not faltered. Make sure your underskirt and petticoat are of matching colour. For a glam look, add a shimmer petticoat to your saree.

Next, the petticoat should be tied tightly around the waist since your saree will be set inside the skirt. Wear heels that suit your sarees and skirt the best. Make sure your saree length is right so that it doesn’t go under your footwear.

Also, remember that once you have the pleats in shape, ensure they are straight for a perfect look. If you are having trouble wearing your printed saree with pleats perfectly, pin them so that they don’t move.


Now that you have an understanding of how to wear a printed saree neatly, start your shopping for the best printed sarees online at Hatkay.com. We have a mesmerising collection of the latest 2022 style trends that give you a neat and perfect look when you wear them. Shop now to fall in love with our collection.