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How to Wear Banarasi Saree Perfectly? What Are the Common Mistakes Women Make While Wearing a Banarasi Saree?

How to Wear Banarasi Saree Perfectly? What Are the Common Mistakes Women Make While Wearing a Banarasi Saree?

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Wearing a saree in a different way will give you a different look. So, a majority of Indian women try to get a new and trendy look by wearing a saree uniquely. If you are fond of Banarasi sarees and do not know how to wear a Banarasi saree perfectly, then continue reading the blog to understand.

Whatever your age is, a saree is the most preferred choice for almost all occasions. To get a traditional look and drape uniquely, a saree is definitely the choicest outfit for every woman.

Draping a Banarasi Saree

To create diverse kinds of looks, you can drape a Banarasi saree in a number of ways. The first step to looking incredibly good in a Banarasi saree is selecting a perfect saree colour. Make sure you have the right hairstyle, proper jewellery, and makeup for an even more elegant look. Know that nothing attracts you more than an old Banarasi drape.

Bridal Red Embellished Banarasi Silk Saree

Now, let us go step by step to understand how to perfectly drape a Banarasi saree.

  • Banarasi sarees are too good for any occasion: True! But all you have to do is choose the right Banarasi based on the occasion. Did you know? Most Banarasi sarees are woven in such a way that they are excellent for cold winter seasons and hot summer months. The gold, silver zari or brocade make the Banarasi saree the most picked choice not just in India but also for Indian women in foreign countries.

The best thing about a Banarasi saree is it will never be out of trend. A Banarasi saree will make you a showstopper on every occasion or event that you go to.

  • Check your pleats: Pleats are loose garments with many yards of fabric. Your charming looks will be defined based on how you pleat the saree. If the pleats are of silk fabric, then they should be broad and more regular.
  • Get the pallu right: You need to think about your pallu if the attention is shifting to your waist. If the pallu is not covering the blouse entirely, then your overall look will be disturbed.
  • Don’t overdo with your accessories: Too many accessories on the Banarasi saree will spoil your looks. Wear a few statement pieces, and you are good to go.
  • Release the pallu: If you want a beautiful look in your Banarasi saree, open pallu is the way to go, which means your pallu should fall freely from your shoulder. Wear the right blouse that is much more appropriate for your saree and wear limited accessories for a striking look.

Speaking of heavy Banarasi sarees, they are easy to wear but you need to be choosy depending on your occasion. We know that ethnic wear will never be out of fashion. Hatkay.com has a magnificent collection of the best Banarasi sarees suitable for every occasion and all weather conditions. 

The style women drape these days has changed a lot compared to the traditional days. A few women love old-style draping while a few would want to experiment all the time.

A Banarasi saree is no doubt classic women’s clothing. You need to drape this saree based on your age to look good. Take into consideration your age, body weight, and body type before draping.

There are many styles of draping like floaty drape, dhoti drape, pleated drape, Gujarati style, belted style, the causal drape, Bengali style, and many other styles of drapes. Since there are many styles available, make sure you experiment with most of them to finally decide which of the styles look great on you and will give you a flawless look.


How to Choose a Banarasi Saree for a Wedding?

  • If you need a Banarasi saree for a wedding, a silk Banarasi saree is your best bet. It will give you a rich and royal look without a doubt.
  • If it is a summer wedding, lighter and cooler fabrics are preferable.
  • If you need a modern look, choose big border Banarasi sarees such as cotton, linen, tussar, etc. for a stylish look.

How to Look Slim in a Banarasi Saree?

Some of the best tips to make yourself look slimmer in a Banarasi saree are:

  • Make sure the drawstring is on the front when you wear your petticoat.
  • Buy and wear a shapewear petticoat to get a slimmer look.
  • Drape the saree from the non-pallu side. Make sure you begin from the right side. As per your height, set your saree length from the front. If you are short, don’t forget to fold the fabric. Tuck the right side first, then the left side, and finally the center.
  • Ensure that your saree isn’t loose at the back. Try pulling the saree tight to eliminate it.
  • Drape the pallu from the back to the front by leaving the fabric that is in the center, and then make thick pleats to secure with a pin finally.
  • If some fabric is left at the midriff, make two or three pleats and tuck in so that you can give yourself a slimmer look.

Hope you got a clear understanding of how to wear a Banarasi saree to get a slim and elegant look.

But did you know many women spoil their looks by making some very common mistakes? Let us see them in detail now.

Common Mistakes While Wearing a Banarasi Saree

You can spoil your entire look in a Banarasi saree if you make some of these common mistakes, such as:

  • Wearing the wrong petticoat: This is the most common mistake women make. Without your knowledge, you may choose a petticoat with too much flare. Instead of enhancing your looks, this may make your look stouter.

Another mistake is picking the wrong colour. If your saree colour is maroon, you can’t choose a white colour petticoat. What does this do? The white colour beneath will make the maroon colour saree look dull.

  • Making many pleats: Pick a Banarasi saree that fits your body perfectly. For example, if you have picked a bigger length saree, then draping becomes a challenge to you because, with an increase in the number of pleats, your tummy will make you look bulky. So, when you wear a Banarasi, avoid more pleats.
  • Don’t use many pins: To set your saree, some women use way more than the required pins. This makes the Banarasi saree not fit well on your body, and you will be extremely uncomfortable. So, pick the Banarasi saree that drapes around your body perfectly without adding additional pins.
  • Picking an inappropriate blouse: To look your absolute best in your Banarasi saree, select the right blouse. So, it is better if you stitch the blouse by taking the fabric of the saree. This makes your blouse match the saree appropriately.
  • Wearing many accessories: We don’t have to say that a Banarasi saree can brighten up any occasion. With its heavy pallu, complex design, superb zari work and lively colours, the saree can be used to make a style statement on every occasion.
  • So, do not add more accessories such as heavy jewellery or a big hairdo when you wear a Banarasi. So, when this saree is your choice, make sure you don’t overdo it by putting in your extra effort as it can spoil your looks completely 

    • Choosing the wrong footwear: Draping your Banarasi perfectly and wearing the wrong footwear does not look great on you. With a Banarasi saree, footwear really matters. You can’t randomly choose one and put your legs into it. At the same time, remember not to overdo your footwear.

    So, avoid these common mistakes when you wear a Banarasi saree to make yourself look absolutely the best on any occasion.

    Amazing Banarasi Silk Saree Colours Available at Hatkay.com

    Some of the top Banarasi saree and the most sought-after ones on our website are:

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    These are the best and the most sold Banarasi silk saree available at Hatkay.com. There are a lot of offers running now as the festive season is nearby. So, get your hands on the best ones before they sell out.

    Additional Tips for Wearing a Banarasi Saree

    • Pair it with a contrasting blouse.
    • Add a trench coat to your drape so that your looks are enhanced even more.
    • Try double pallu to flaunt your best looks.
    • If you love the traditional draping style, wear a dupatta or a scarf around your neck to get a whole new look.


    Hope you now know a lot more details about a Banarasi saree. If you don’t really have a Banarasi saree now in your wardrobe, make your first purchase right away. Hatkay.com has the latest 2022 style collection that you will love to the core. Shop now, and we guarantee that you won’t regret your decision.