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Tips and Tricks to Wear Shawl Perfectly

Tips and Tricks to Wear Shawl Perfectly

  • Editorial Team

A shawl is not something that old people wear. If you are thinking so, you are absolutely wrong. It’s a piece of clothing that you can wear and produce a whole-new style as well. You can wear a shawl in different ways. Depending on the Indian clothes style you wear, it sometimes keeps you warm and sometimes helps you make a style statement. A shawl can also be called a scarf by a few people.


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Tips and Tricks to Look Elegant and Stylish Wearing a Shawl

We have listed the best tips to perfectly wear a shawl and at the same time get a superb look.

  • Wear it on a Single Shoulder
  • Wearing it on one shoulder can give you an elegant look. We see many Tollywood and Bollywood celebs wearing this style in movies and stun everyone with their elegant looks. But the best tip is here- you need to drape a shawl around the shoulder making sure it is shorter at the back and longer in the front.

    Another important tip is that you need to make sure the embroidery comes on the front side. If your shawl has decorations, wear it in such a way that it comes on the front only. This kind of wearing it on one shoulder looks perfect, especially when you wear traditional outfits.

  • On your Shoulders and Across the Chest
  • You can wear a shawl not just for getting a fashionable look. For example, if the weather is cold, drape it over your upper body like a winter coat. Make sure your pants are perfect for this fashion. Because, getting the right balance for your overall outfit is very much important.

  • Shawl covering your head
  • Usually, a shawl can be styled on your head as well and not just on your body. But the trick here is that you need to wear a traditional saree. Because, on most religious occasions, women cover their head with a shawl during their wedding. This is one of the most preferred styles for special occasions.

  • Wear it like a jacket
  • If you want to transform your looks completely, wearing a shawl as a jacket works well, and moreover, you can pose striking looks. What you should do is drape the shawl around your shoulders comfortably, and there you go, it is perfect. This is one of the best and easy hacks to get a great look.

    This style is too good for winters only if the shawl length is slightly bigger to cover your whole body well.

    There are many other ways that you can wear a shawl such as:

    • Wrapping around your neck
    • Wear it like a shrug
    • Dapper scarf style
    • Over one arm
    • Over the shoulders and under the arms


    So, now that you know the tips and tricks to wear your shawl perfectly, why don’t you just start shopping for the best shawls online? We have the top collection of dresses with matching shawls that are too perfect for every occasion. Follow the above tips and tricks to get the perfect look you deserve.