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How to Drape Chiffon Saree Neatly? What are the Unique Ways to Get an Elegant Look?

How to Drape Chiffon Saree Neatly? What are the Unique Ways to Get an Elegant Look?

  • Editorial Team

Chiffon sarees give the best style and elegance to you when you wear them perfectly. Many women do not know how to wear it neatly. A chiffon saree is lightweight and has a fluid fall. So, this will now make the saree fold easily, which thereby gives you a chance to experiment with diverse draping styles.

There are many procedures to show your elegance by wearing a chiffon saree neatly. We have compiled a few ways below for you to try out and get a stylish and elegant look.

  • Double pallu chiffon saree: Lovely chiffon sarees make you look even more beautiful. For a unique look, you have to try the double pallu look. Wear a pallu on each side of the shoulder to try this look. It’s so easy and draws everyone’s attention wherever you go. It is most preferred when you want to attend a party, wedding, or any other special occasion. It’s the look that makes heads turn without a doubt.
  • Wear a chiffon saree with a belt around your waist: This is a trending look and can give you the lovely look undoubtedly. What to do now to get this look? You just have to pin the pallu to the shoulder and fold it neatly. Buy a nice and beautiful belt and wear it at the waist. Make sure the belt matches the saree perfectly. Be it a belt that is a leather one or made of stones or anything, it should match the saree perfectly.
  • High-end pallu: One of the amazing and trendy styles is a chiffon saree with high-end pallu. The pallu should come to your shoulder’s far end, and then you can bind it there itself. Pull the saree to the shoulder loosely, you need to get the pleats to the front for a stylish and graceful look. You can also try diverse pleating styles to improve your overall looks.
  • Wear the saree around the neck: Place the saree on your shoulder as you usually do. After that, wrap it around your neck, just as how you normally wear a scarf around the neck. This is one of the coolest ways to get a unique look wearing a chiffon saree. You can wear this style for formal to semi-formal events, at the workplace, and in other similar places.
  • Wear pallu on the right side: You can break all the stereotypes with this unique style. Your saree should be on the right shoulder and then bring the pallu to the front in such a way that it should be visible on the front side. Besides, you can fold the pallu neatly and tightly secure it with a pin for an elegant and classy look.
  • Chiffon saree with a dupatta: Looking to accentuate your looks and get a new look? Then you need to blend something with your chiffon saree. Mostly, a dupatta will enhance how you look in a saree. Just wear the saree over your shoulders and wrap the dupatta around your neck. Also, for an enticing look, wear a contrasting colour dupatta.
  • Twist the pallu: It’s so easy to get a new look with this style. It can make a great difference to people on how you portray your looks. One of the impressive and most sought-after styles is that you have to roll the folds and pin the pallu on your shoulder. Most celebrities wear this style, and it is trending now. A supreme look can be achieved with this style when you wear a chiffon saree.

As you now know several styles to wear a chiffon saree, start buying a few trendy chiffon sarees from Hatkay.com and experiment. These styles will not just give you a classy look but also an attractive look overall.

How to Wear a Chiffon Saree with a Border: Tips You Should Know

Some of the best tips to wear a chiffon saree are:

  • Based on how tall you are, wear a chiffon saree with floral prints. If you are short, small prints look great. If you are tall, bold floral prints are too good for you.
  • Make sure there are no embellishments such as sequins or embroidery on your saree.
  • The brocade border colour must be lighter than the entire body of the saree.
  • If you are wearing a printed chiffon saree, pick a finer print rather than a bold design because the pattern should not contend with the border to get attention.
  • Add a plain border which is in contrast with the colour of the saree. But you must make sure that it doesn’t stand out.
  • You must not fold the pleats many times for a chiffon saree because a single pleat is enough to get a decent and classy look.
  • When you go for a single pleat, make sure you wear a princess-cut high blouse. Also, make sure there are no dropping necklines on the front side or the backside.
  • A chiffon saree is too good when you wear it during the day. But keep the jewellery to a minimum to get a cool and fab look.

For more understanding of how you get a look, you can check how celebs are wearing chiffon sarees and gracing the events.

How to Choose a Saree Based on Your Body Types

Be it a chiffon saree on any other saree, the most important thing that you need to look at before buying a saree is your body type.

  • Pear-shaped body: For women with a pear-shaped body, the hips are wider when compared to the bust. Indian women who have a pear-shaped body must stay away from mermaid saree cuts as they make your lower body look hefty. When you wear a saree, you need to balance both your upper and lower body well. So, choosing fabrics like chiffon is the best. Speaking of colours, pastel shades and bright colours look absolutely incredible for women with a pear-shaped body.
  • Apple-shaped body: When your bust and stomach are bigger than your hip, then you have an apple-shaped body. The finest saree type for those with an apple-shaped body is a saree with nice beadwork or embroidery work. Cover your heavier waist with the saree perfectly. Make sure you pick a longer blouse to tuck the tummy well. Net fabric is not so good for women with apple-shaped body types. If you are looking for the preferred fabric type, choose silk fabric. A silk saree will make you look your very best. Ulta-pallu saree hides your heavy waist. Go for it if you can, so that you get a nice and elegant look.
  • Hourglass-shaped body: If you have a balanced bust and hips with a defined waist, then you have an hourglass-shaped body. You have natural curves and are perfect for wearing a saree. Fabrics such as chiffon, and georgette are too good for women with hourglass-shaped body types. Moreover, these fabrics will also accompany your natural curves and draw attention to them. If you have an hourglass-shaped body, dark colours are too good for you. Make sure the saree has delicate embroidery. Apart from that, you need to avoid heavy embellishments on your saree.
  • Plus size body: All you need to do is stay away from stiff fabrics like cotton as they make you look hefty. Moreover, you can stay away from broad and bigger prints. What should you choose then? Heavy chiffon sarees are good for a balanced appearance. Bold colours look absolutely the best for you. It is better if you choose deeper necklines and full sleeves. As you are plus-sized, you need to definitely be attentive when you are draping a saree. Even making minor mistakes can spoil your overall looks.

In the same way, you need to choose a saree based on your body type so that you can accentuate your looks. Moreover, there are women with other body types as well such as a petite body, tall and slim body, skinny body, rectangular body, inverted triangle body, athletic body, etc. Buy the best saree depending on your body type so that you can rock any occasion with your style.

Now that you have a few tips, start purchasing the best sarees online at Hatkay.com, and dress like a gorgeous diva. If you love experimenting, try chiffon sarees. Chiffon sarees can be draped in diverse draping styles to enhance your looks. Once you select a saree that matches you, you are 50% ready to get a fabulous look.


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