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What are the Popular Churidar Style Tips Using Churidar Designs to Look Slim?

What are the Popular Churidar Style Tips Using Churidar Designs to Look Slim?

  • Editorial Team

Do you have a curvaceous body? You don’t have to feel awkward on any occasion. If you are looking for the best dress, then a churidar is definitely the perfect choice. If you want to know what are the best churidar designs to look slim, then continue reading this blog to understand.

There are many hacks that make you look slim whatever the dress you wear. When it comes to traditional attire, a churidar is one of the finest choices that can make you look slim without a doubt. As there are many folds at the bottom, you look taller. So, usually, taller women look slimmer, and when you wear heels, that will be really great to make you look more talk and so even slimmer.

Popular Style Tips Using Churidar Designs to Look Slim

Some of the popular style tips using churidar designs that help you look slim are:

  • Churidar Colour: Dark colour makes you look slim, which is no doubt the basic rule of fashion. This applies to churidar as well. Both the top and the churidar can be black. Make sure you have subtle embroidery on the kurta or the dupatta.


Pale Yellow Sequence Embroidered Churidar Suit


If you are perplexed with the colour, go with a golden colour as it looks absolutely good with black colour. Wear oval-shaped earrings to get an even slimmer look.

  • Small designs on the kurti are good enough: Too much design on the kurta can make you look hefty. Usually, the larger the prints on the kurta, the larger the looks. It is an illusion but it looks that way. So, make sure that you avoid floral churidar designs and just choose regular designs with less embroidery and sequins.

This makes your dress flow vertically and therefore makes you look slimmer. Also, you need to pair it with a churidar that is dark in colour so that it makes your legs look slim.

  • Choosing the right dupatta can come to your rescue: When you use your dupatta to your advantage, you will look slim. Hang it on your hands and cover your back with the dupatta. It’s one of the most preferred styles that make you look slim easily. This style will cover all the possible bulky features of you very well. This style is perfectly suitable for those with a heavy tummy.


Peach Sequence Embroidered Churidar Suit


Make sure you wear heels so that you look tall. As this style allows you to most of your bulky looks, you will look too good when you use this style hack.

  • Flares will help you: Getting a tunic with flares and churidar is the finest design of a churidar to look slim. What’s amazing is the flowy nature of the flares as it helps as it conceals your weight. But pick dark shades of colour. Wear three-fourth sleeves for an impressive look.


Now that you know a few hacks to make yourself look slim, buy your favourite churidar right away. If you are looking for the best website where you can order the latest churidar designs, Hatkay.com is the most popular choice among women. Shop now!