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What are the Best Lehenga Choli Designs for this 2022 Diwali?

What are the Best Lehenga Choli Designs for this 2022 Diwali?

  • Editorial Team

The festival of lights brings along with it pure joy, celebrations, and new beginnings. When it comes to our culture, India is a diverse country and the Diwali festival has a special significance. It is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. Women like to buy new clothes, wear them and celebrate it by firing crackers, doing pooja, and a lot more things. If you are looking for lehenga choli designs, shop with us to find some new and unique collections.

We have glorious lehengas that meet your every need. From casual lehengas to party wear lehenga cholis, we have a range of collections that suit women of all ages and body types. Don’t worry even if you are plus size as we have them for you. We have designed new lehenga choli styles for petite, thin, bulky, hefty, or any other body type. Hatkay.com is the one-stop destination for everything related to women.

Hundreds of Designs and Styles to Choose From

Whatever your style choice, we have a lehenga choli design that suits you and helps you glam your looks. As our lehenga designs and styles will cater to your every need, you can easily impress anyone with your unique looks. When you choose a lehenga choli, you need to pick the one that you did not try ever. So, find a few that you don’t already have in your wardrobe.

Let us now look at the best lehenga choli designs:

  • Flared lehenga: If you are searching for a lehenga that is lively, versatile and amazing, then choose flared lehengas. You will find an incredible number of colours that are fun to wear. The pleasing gold embellishments will make you fall in love with them, and they are sure going to take your looks to the next level.
Light Pink Overall Embroidered Flared Lehenga Choli Set

Besides, this is one kind of lehenga that is so good to wear for party occasions. So, if you want to look like a princess, shop with us to get your hands on the best lehenga choli designs and styles that make you stand out.

  • Lehenga jacket: Speaking of a lehenga jacket, this is a trendsetter. It’s the best ethnic wear without a doubt. If you want to change your overall appearance, a lehenga jacket is the right choice. On our website, you get to find stunningly beautiful intricate designs in lehengas. The detail on the lehenga is so good that you will fall in love with them.

All you need to buy is a contemporary jacket that can help you pose great on every occasion that you go to. Hatkay.com has a huge collection of the latest 2022 style designs in lehenga cholis. Browse through the Diwali collection and you will order at least a few without a doubt.

  • A-line lehenga choli: If you are in search of ethnic wear, A-line lehenga choli is the best choice. There are many designs that are trending now and we have most of them on our website. Our lehenga choli designs are of premium quality materials. The beautiful embroidery will enrich your looks even more.

Moreover, we offer the latest lehengas at an affordable price. Now that we have Diwali, it is the right time for you to shop as you can get the latest collection of lehenga cholis at inexpensive prices. Don’t wait now. Just choose the perfect A-line lehenga choli from our website, and celebrate your festival in joy.

  • Panelled lehenga: Some of the panelled lehengas have horizontal panels that give us a flared look. We have some good panelled lehengas that are exquisite and modern. The designs will make you spoilt for choice, and we assure you a wearing experience that is so comfortable.

Find some lehengas that have beautiful flowers and embroidery to get a neat look for all occasions. We have lehenga cholis that can be used for formal as well as informal occasions too. Whatever your requirement, we have you covered.

  • Long choli lehenga: Long choli lehengas are the most sought-after by North Indian brides. But these days, women from every part of India are wearing long choli lehengas. Find some richest collections of the latest 2022 style lehenga designs that look good on you and buy them for this Diwali. Check out the typical collection that we have and order a few right away.

Shopping at Hatkay is fun as you can quickly find what you are looking for. It is easy to shop as everything is properly organised to make sure you buy your favourite lehenga with minimal effort. Not just long choli lehengas, we have more striking collections that you like.

These are just a few designs of lehenga cholis that we have on our website. You can find many more collections of the latest designs when you shop on the website. So, without any hassle, shop for the latest lehenga choli designs from the comfort of your home for this Diwali and celebrate this festival of lights in style.

Lehenga Choli is Always a Great Choice

Do you have old-style lehenga cholis in your wardrobe now? Do you think it is the right time to get rid of them? If yes, shop for a few latest designs and upgrade your wardrobe immediately.  We make shopping fun and easy for you. If you want to experiment with your looks, we also have some fabulous collections of new designs, colours, shades, and patterns.

From embroidery, pastels to floral, and other sophisticated designs, we are the one-stop destination to find all of them. Our first-rate collection is so huge that you will buy many designs on your first look. The styles are aesthetically-pleasing and look great on you. If you are ready to glam up your looks, order authentic lehenga choli designs from Hatkay.com to feel your very best.

Reasons to Buy a Lehenga Choli Online

Some of the best reasons why you need to shop for lehenga cholis online are:

  • Time-saving
  • Buy more and save more
  • You can find all the latest styles under one roof
  • Hassle-free shopping experience
  • Compare lehengas and their prices easily
  • Favourable return and replacement policies
  • Save more money on new deals and offers
  • You will get recommendations on accessories that suit your outfit

5 Reasons Why a Lehenga Choli is the Best

Some of the reasons why a lehenga choli is the best are:

  • Gives a youthful vibe: A lehenga choli is an outfit that is girly and gives a young appeal definitely. If you see, a saree can help you get a glamorous and elegant look but you can wear it for a longer duration like a lehenga choli. Moreover, lehengas give a vibrant look and make you very young.
  • Accentuates your curves: One of the very few dresses that is great for all body types is a lehenga choli. It suits women of all body types. This outfit provides an hour-glass like an illusion, which ensures that you look slim even though you are somewhat bulky. So, women who are a little bit bulky or hefty can choose a lehenga choli to highlight their curves.
  • Provides you with a western edge: If you are looking for some kind of fusion dress, a lehenga choli can be your choice. Because you get a feel like a fusion dress because of the skirt-like silhouette of the lehenga. Get a new look altogether by playing with blouses. We have a great collection of lehenga cholis that look good for women of all ages. Shop now from our choicest collection to get the western edge that you are looking for.
  • Enhances your glamour quotient: It is easy to enhance your glamour when you wear a lehenga choli. It is not easy to get creative when you wear a certain outfit but a lehenga choli provides the required space for you to get creative and show-off your beauty angle. Try different styles with your dupatta and blouse, and we assure you will like your looks.
  • Gives a stylishly sensuous look: Most women want feminine looks and you can achieve it easily if you wear a stylish lehenga choli. A lehenga can have a dramatic effect on you. Make sure you shop from our collection to get a sensuous look that can help you stand out.

Besides the above-discussed reasons, there are many other reasons why a lehenga choli is the best. Buy a few from our latest Diwali collection to know it for yourself.


Now that you know a few things about a lehenga choli and what are the best lehenga choli designs that you can wear for this Diwali, don’t waste your time. Shop now from our website and we guarantee that you won’t regret your decision.

There are many websites online where you would not get quality for the price that you put in, and lehenga choli is one of the very few Indian outfits that you should not compromise when you are buying. Shop only from genuine websites like Hatkay, and your shopping experience will be great. Happy shopping, and enjoy Diwali.