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Top 10 Designer Sarees for this Diwali in USA, UK, Canada and Worldwide

Top 10 Designer Sarees for this Diwali in USA, UK, Canada and Worldwide

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Do you have a special love for designer sarees? We all have! A saree is one of the most preferred outfits for us when you want to give yourself a striking look at any occasion that you go to. A saree is a dress that makes girls and ladies seem incredibly lovely. Moreover, we at Hatkay.com have the latest 2022 style Diwali sarees collection available on the website, and you can shop online from the USA, the UK, Canada, or any place in the world.

Women want to dress up in the best designer attire for festivals in order to stand out from others. Diwali is one of the festival seasons where sarees are a popular choice of wear. When you browse online, there are a variety of designer sarees from which you can select the ideal saree easily. Designer sarees, Bollywood sarees, unique festive collection sarees, and more can be found in our latest collection.

Sarees for the Beautiful Festival of Lights

In a few days, the night will be illuminated in celebration with the burning of crackers, lighting diyas, and more. Without beautiful outfits and vivid colours, this Diwali celebration would not be complete. There are many options for this Diwali, but very few can compete with the vivacious appearance of a designer Diwali saree on this day.

A saree is a traditional Indian garment that looks beautiful on women and girls. During festival seasons like Diwali, sarees are getting trendier. They are frequently regarded as one of the most exquisite clothes ever worn by a woman. At festivals, women want to look their best in designer attire to stand out from the crowd. This amazing event necessitates fantastic clothes, in sync with your festive attitude and sentiments, as well as a flurry of Diwali saree sales.

Some of the best designer saree colours for this Diwali are blue, green, red, maroon, etc. Order the best designer saree to get the traditional look that you desire for this Diwali. Hatkay will deliver all your orders to anywhere you live in the world effortlessly.

Glam Up Your Diwali with a Designer Saree

Choose from the choicest collection of Diwali designer sarees to glam up your Diwali.

  • Silk sarees: For Indian women, silk fabric is the simple and most comfortable option. Silk sarees come in a variety of styles to accommodate the wide range of tastes of every woman. The best clothing for any important occasion is a traditional silk saree.
Yellow Zari Embroidery Party Wear Organza Silk Saree
  • Banarasi sarees: If you wish to dress traditionally this Diwali, you may only choose from Banarasi sarees. The exceptional silk and elaborate brocade work in silver and gold zari that are hallmarks of Banarasi sarees are well known.
Red Embroidered Banarasi Silk Saree
  • Crepe sarees: Crepe sarees stand out, thanks to their crinkled texture. They are renowned for their exquisite and sensual appeal and are available in a variety of finishes, including fine, flat, pebbled, and mossy.

They are lightweight in design, which makes draping them simple. Crepe sarees are a popular choice for pooja and Diwali festivities because they are the perfect fusion of Indian and Western fashion.

  • Satin sarees: For ceremonial events and festivals like Diwali, satin sarees are preferred. It is a beautiful, expertly made Indian costume. Usually made of silk or synthetic fibre, the long, flowing fabric frequently features ornate designs.
Golden Beige Embroidered Traditional Wedding Saree
  • Organza sarees: Organza is a delicate, lightweight fabric that makes the wearer appear naturally skinny. Its texture is firm and acute. It is perfect for ceremonial festivities, weddings, and ethnic festivals like Diwali. The best designer saree that you can wear for Diwali can be organza as it is simple for designers to alter and dye.
  • Georgette sarees: Given that they are airy, light, and figure-flattering, georgette sarees are ideal for ethnic festivals and summer. To get a traditional saree appearance for this Diwali, try a georgette saree.
Cobalt Blue Sequence Work Party Wear Saree

Hatkay.com is the most reputable online buying site for the best designer sarees. So if you're intending to do some Diwali shopping online, you've come to the perfect place. We have a plethora of options when purchasing sarees online from the most recent collection. In addition, there are huge savings now as part of the festival season. Order your favourite designer saree at the lowest prices in this discount sale and wear them to stun everyone with your gorgeous looks.

Designer Sarees for Diwali at Hatkay.com

For the auspicious festival of lights, women love to have vibrant colours.

Our lovely sarees can make any outfit look better. These sarees are ideal for any woman looking for a great look during Diwali because of their beauty. They are distinctive due to the variety of materials and conventional styles. The sarees are exquisite and adaptable because there are numerous methods to style them for various styles.

Each saree has a distinctive shine and appearance, which also makes each saree unique. The elaborate designs have a classic appeal, yet they can be fashioned in a variety of ways. Women can dress in a variety of lovely sarees during Diwali, and you can find all kinds of styles that you love only at Hatkay.com. We are the one-stop destination for everything related to women's clothing. Shop for all the women in your family and celebrate this festival in style.

Not just buying a saree, wearing it in the right way will give a nice appearance.

So, let us now see how to style a saree correctly.

Choose a contrasting blouse and petticoat: You may wear a saree without a blouse or petticoat, did you know that? But it is very much inappropriate during the Victorian era during the British Raj, which is why Indian ladies had blouses and petticoats sewn for them. Women still choose to wear sarees in rural regions without an underskirt or matching shirt.

In today's society, the majority of women prefer to wear their sarees with a shirt and petticoat. The entire appearance is improved with a flattering top that contrasts with your saree and a well-fitting petticoat. It could be uncomfortable for you, and it will make you look awful to wear a loose top and petticoat.

To make your saree stand out brilliantly, you must choose the proper fabric and petticoat style. Make sure the blouse you are wearing allows you to move your arms freely. The petticoat doesn't restrict your ability to move while wearing it.

Position your pallu perfectly: Your height must be taken into consideration when choosing a pallu drape style. Your saree's essence would be stolen by a pallu that is excessively short or high. The pallu length must be sufficient. It's not a good idea to mismatch the pallu style. The pallu of your saree should never completely enclose the blouse.

Never pin up the pallu while wearing a net, georgette, or chiffon saree. Try as you might, pleating these synthetic fabrics won't make any sense at all because of their flowy nature.

Pins will come to your rescue: It is undoubtedly true that employing too many safety pins might destroy a costly saree and frequently makes it inflexible. However, you must pin up a saree if you are not skilled in handling or draping one in the most natural method.

As if the art of meticulously hiding the pins wasn't difficult enough already, there are many different ways to wear sarees and simple ways to drape them. One can appear to be the embodiment of a pincushion or the personification of the phrase "Yeah, I have no idea what is going on either." It is mandatory to use pins of the proper size that do not pierce the saree. Aside from that, avoid using a lot of safety pins.

You need the right heels: You might be thinking now that we were discussing how to style a saree perfectly. But why are we talking about heels now? To get a perfect look in what you wear, you need the right accessories as well, right?

Although this statement has been made numerous times, is wearing high heels really so painful? The response is "no." Selecting the proper high heels for your feet is essential, also gives a nice look to you and your saree. You can achieve a refined yet stylish appearance by choosing the proper fit and heel height.

When wearing a saree, platforms, wedges, and boots are never appropriate. Bloggers in the fashion industry urge you to only expose one inch of the heel. Additionally, put your heels on before you drape the saree.

Apart from all these, to get a nice style for yourself when you wear a saree, you need a few other things as well such as the right jewellery, tucking the pleats rightly, perfect draping, and many more.


So, do not worry that you don’t have access to designer sarees for this Diwali. Shop at Hatkay.com from anywhere you live in the world, be it the USA, the UK, Canada or any part of the world, and we will deliver to your doorstep within no time. Enjoy shopping for your favourite designer saree with us!