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Top 7 Tips to Wear Saree in This Monsoon Season

  • Editorial Team

It's almost time for the sun to take it easy on us for a few months and let the monsoon clouds take over. As the mystical grey clouds fill the sky, it is time for fashion divas like you to crunch up your style quotient and prepare for the rainy season. The best part about getting dolled up during monsoons? You don't have to worry about sweating in the heat, especially those nasty and embarrassing sweat patches under your arms. 

If you are a desi girl, you know which Indian outfit looks gorgeous in this lovey-dovey weather. Yes, it is our all-time-favorite, the great Indian saree! Time for you to ditch the summer clothes and glam up your ethnic swagger with the most stimulating Indian ethnic wear.

As you all know, women and sarees have a very intimate affair that has been going on for years. And why not? Sarees are one of the most sophisticated attires that enhance the femininity of any woman. Be it a party wear saree, designer saree or a simple casual saree to wear at work, the elegance of the saree will make you look like a dreamboat in this mesmerizing weather. We know you are thinking, what about the rains and water puddles splashing on your saree and spoiling your look? To that we say, take a look at the latest saree trends that switch up your draping styles to make the saree easier and comfortable to wear. These new trends are by modern women and for the modern women who will never even think about compromising either style or comfort. 

This one is for our modern desi divas- 7 sure-fire tips to make sure you rock the saree look even during the rains. 

Saree ka rang- AKA - Choose the color of your saree wisely

While the latest saree trends show that soft pastel colors like white and beige are the most in-thing in ethnic fashion, it is best to avoid them during monsoon. Choose the color of your monsoon sarees carefully. Keep in mind the dark and non washable stains of the rainwater on the road, muddy streets and unexpected showers on your pretty baby pink saree. It is best to turn a blind eye towards the unconventional whites and cream sarees and bring out vibrant colors that have been forgotten for some time. Bring out the yellow, orange, pink, maroon, black, blue, and all the many bright and dark color sarees and rock your monsoon traditional look. 

Be smart and pick lightweight fabrics

You must be very mindful of the fabric of your saree while buying sarees online for monsoon. The rainy season is the perfect time to opt for lightweight fabrics like chiffon sarees, net sarees, and georgette sarees as they are easy to carry and dry easily as compared to heavier fabrics like cotton. Say a hard no on expensive silk sarees that will stick to your skin and suffocate you if you get wet in the rain. 

Style outside the box with a Pant Saree

Want to try something completely unconventional? How about trying new in the trends list- a pant saree. A lot of Bollywood divas are seen flaunting a pant saree. As the name suggests, instead of a traditional skirt, you will be wearing a pair of stylish pants with the pallu and the blouse and look absolutely ravishing, and comfortable not to forget that important detail. Imagine the office parties and dinner parties and sangeet nights where you walk in wearing a mesmerizing pant saree looking like an ethnic diva and stealing all the glances. Are you as excited as we are for all the compliments? 

Keep it on with waterproof makeup

If we are being honest, the ethnic saree look is just not complete without a little touch of makeup that includes lipsticks, kajal, mascara, foundation, and the works. Well, we know that it's raining outside which will ruin the makeup, so how about we try a little waterproof make up with your designer saree? Waterproof makeup is a great alternative for the rainy season, as it looks pretty and isn't washed off that easy. However, don't go overboard, remember, minimalism is the way to go with a saree.

The right footwear with your saree in monsoon

We know how much you love wearing your stilettos with your saree. However, monsoon season demands that you lock up your heels and pick up those comfortable flats and ballerina shoes that give you a good grip to walk on wet roads. Keep your feet healthy, happy, and stylish in the rain. 

Stick to minimalistic embellishments 

The rainy season is just not the right time to go crazy with heavy jewelry while wearing a saree. Instead, it is classier to keep embellishments on the minimalistic side when wearing a saree in monsoon. Even the embellishments on your saree must be minimalistic. Even though extravagant and blingy sarees look phenomenal for summer and winter weddings, it is just not the right look for the humid rainy days. Bold prints and floral patterns do bring it home and look stunning in the rainy season.

Drape the saree real good 

The way you are draping a saree during the monsoon season will make or break your look. Draping the saree neatly and perfectly will allow you to enjoy the rains while looking like elegance personified. 

On the way, you need to tie your saree a little higher on the waist, this will allow you to walk in saree easily without the fear of getting the bottom dirty or you have to hold the saree skirt in your hands while walking. Make sure the pleats of your saree are firm and tight. Don't be stingy is using a bunch of safety pins to make sure the pleats don't unfold accidentally. Drape the pallu on your shoulder, although, keep it a little loose so that you use it to cover your head or any other body parts in case of unexpected rain showers.

So, are you as excited about dressing up in a saree this monsoon as we are "Zoobi Doobi Parampam" style?

Did you find these tips and tricks for wearing sarees in monsoon useful? Let us know in the comments or share any of your own tips for rocking the saree this monsoon.