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Insider tips and styles to enhance your saree draping skills

  • Editorial Team

Can you name even one garment in Indian clothes that can be draped, tucked, and worn in as many styles as an Indian Saree? And look totally unique in every style, we must add. A lot of women who have not experienced the elegance of the saree often hesitate at the thought of donning a saree on special occasions, wondering if the saree will look good on their body or not and scared by the daunting task of actually draping a saree. 

While all these questions might feel valid, there is no denying that once you wear the saree you will realize that saree is the most sensual and glamorous Indian ethnic wear you can have in your closet. So, the next time you have to choose an outfit for a special occasion, wear a saree without any doubt.  Regarding the daunting task of draping the saree and making it sing for you, here are some useful tips that will make the whole process less scary than you perceive it to be.

Now coming to our topic, best saree draping styles! 

Are you ready to go out of your comfort zone and try some very different saree draping styles? You should say a firm, yes to trying new draping styles, if you are done and dusted with the old-fashioned styles. We are so grateful to the super talented fashion designers for bringing so much creativity in draping a saree which we might add as an attire older than time. 

Here is our list of incredibly trendy saree draping styles which will make you cringe at the thought going back to the boring cliche styles. Let us get started! 

The need for pleats

Pleats of the saree are what holds the entire attire together. The saree has more than 6 yards of which you need to drape around you. Understanding that it is the way you pleat the saree at the waist which creates the delicate feminine balanced look that is needed for a saree. Before you start pleating, remember this, your pleating style will need to be changed with different fabrics, for example, you pleats will be looser for light-weight fabrics like chiffon and net, on the other end heavy fabrics like cotton and silk require larger pleats which are more firm at the waist.

Be wary of the pallu length

What if we told you that your saree look is dependent on multiple factors, including at what level on your waist are you tying the saree. The placement of your pallu will determine the length of your saree which will critically impact your overall saree look. While a very short pallu is too old fashioned, a really long one is uncomfortable. Tie the pallu based on your height, ideally, it should fall about 5 inches at knee-level.

Heels or Flats with Saree? 

This debate perplexes a lot of fashion influencers as well. Some love the posture and silhouette that you get while wearing heels with a saree. While others love the comfort that flat footwear while walking around in a saree. As a compromise, we say wear heels on occasions and flats with casual sarees. Or whatever you feel comfortable and beautiful in, the choice is yours. 

Thin bordered plain saree for short women

An additional gift for shorter than average women, if you choose to wear a plain saree with a thin border, it will add a few inches to your height and will give you an illusion of extra elevation. 

Think about the Pallu Position

Imagine a scenario where you are wearing a saree and the pallu moves in a way that your bare midriff is exposed more than you intended or if your pallu is not entirely covering your blouse. That is far away from the elegant saree look that you are going for. Make sure that your pallu is placed and pinned in a way that enhances your look and not compromises your femininity. On the other hand, if you want your blouse to be the statement piece of your saree, then opt for a plain saree and drape the pallu in a way that showcases the blouse well. 

The right accessories

Remember one thing, when it comes to accessorizing with sarees, minimalism is the right way to go. Adorn a few statement pieces like a necklace or a pair of jhumkas or even a bajuband and you are good to go. It is not a rule to be dolled up like it is your wedding day every time you wear a saree for a festival.

Get a fish cut petticoat

A petticoat is what supports your saree and sometimes having a bulky petticoat can add extra weight towards your stomach area and believe us, nobody wants that. Your petticoat should be stitched in such a way that removes focus from your bulky area making your hip a look slimmer with a flare below the knees. The flared petticoat will give you an oomph while wearing see-through sarees like net sarees and georgette sarees.

Layer are you friends

Adding layers to your saree will surely make it more attractive. This is especially helpful for tall and petite women as it gives them a little more curve. Try layering soft flowing fabrics with a strap blouse for maximum effect.

Hide those bulky flaws with prints

Printed sarees are your knight in printed armor if you are looking to hide that holiday weight you have been carrying around you. Prints take the focus away from your body and can drastically tone down the look of the body, making you look like a desi diva. 

Sleeves matter

If you haven't figured it out by now, the sleeves and the neck style of your blouse have a huge impact on what will you look like once you drape that saree around. Quarter length sleeves with a higher neck are perfect if you are aiming to appear a little slimmer. 

Take care of your pins

Who says that you need safety pins just to keep the saree in place? You can totally up the ante of your look by wearing a jazzy pin on the pallu. On the other hand, keep the other safety pins small so that they don't show outwards and hinder your look or put a permanent large hole while you are wearing softer fabrics like chiffon sarees.

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We hope you liked these rare tips for wearing a saree and looking absolutely gorgeous in it. Let us know in the comments your secret tips for draping a saree well. 

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