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9 trendy dupatta draping styles for your lehengas and salwar kameez

  • Editorial Team

Who said there's only one way to wear a dupatta and it doesn't affect your ethnic look? The way you wear your dupatta on your salwar kameez or Lehenga choli is what ultimately determines if your look is hot or not. 

It's the onset of the festival and wedding season that brings out our need to indulge in some traditional Indian fashion and finding new ways to perfect the ultimate ethnic look. Even during this lockdown, it's not a waste of time to prepare for when we open the country and celebrate festivals together. 

Women have a thing about not repeating their looks and always are on a lookout for new ways to keep up with the latest fashion trends and wear their traditional clothes. Simply changing the way your dupatta falls on the salwar kameez or lehenga can really evolve your desi look by tenfold. 

Calling all the fashion frenzy divas out there, round up to completely revamp your look and making bold fashion statements by just changing your dupatta draping style. We have ramped up 10 new galvanizing styles to wear your dupatta with lehenga choli and salwar suits. So let's get started! 

Style your dupatta by draping it freely on both the shoulder with lehenga chilli

One of the simplest and super elegant ways to style your dupatta is to drape your dupatta on both your shoulders. Ensure to cover both the sides properly, this will also cover the front of your bodice as well, giving you a stylish yet subtle look. This is also one of the easiest ways to carry your dupatta in case the work on it is too heavy to manage on your own. 

Style your dupatta by gathering the dupatta in pleats and placing it on one shoulder with salwar kameez


Another effortless look, simply fold your dupatta in pleats and place to make sure the embroidered side is up and visible in the front. Hang the pleated dupatta from front to back and pin it on the shoulder. Even though this draping style suits lehenga as well, it best suits salwar kameez. 

Style your dupatta by hanging it on one shoulder and wrist of the opposite hand


A sexy twist to the previous style (which is classic), you can pleat the dupatta the same way and hang it on one shoulder but instead of letting is hang on the back as well, you take the other end you bring the dupatta to the front from the other side on your wrist and leave it there. This is another great style that looks elegant and gives you the mobility to move and dance around without the stress of the dupatta falling off.

Style your bridal dupatta by draping it across the waist and shoulder 


The one you have been waiting for, how to drape your dupatta with your wedding lehenga? This draping style gives you a royal look as you fold the dupatta in bigger pleats and arrange it on your shoulder in a way that the dupatta is divided equally front and back. 

Next what you need to do is pick the front corner from inside and drape it across the front of the waist to the back of the waist on the same side of your body. The last step with this draping style is to take the back corner of the inner side of the dupatta and wrap it over the head to make it look like a veil. The entire look is an easy and beautiful way to style your dupatta with your lehenga choli at your wedding. 

Style your dupatta by adding an interesting waist belt

    We love the indo-western fusion of our favorite traditional clothes including this interesting way to drape your dupatta with lehengas and salwar suits especially Anarkali Suits. Again pleat up your dupatta and place it on one of your shoulders and let it hang freely. Add the twist by wearing a waist belt over your waist holding the dupatta inside. What do you think of this perky look? 

    Style your dupatta by wearing it like a saree with your lehenga 

    This one is a classic, draping your dupatta like a saree pallu with your lehenga. Very easy to create the style, all you have to do is take one corner of the dupatta and tuck in your lehenga on the front right side. Next, you need to take the remaining dupatta from the tucked point to the back of your waist and after that drape the edge of the dupatta over your left shoulder and pin it up. There you go, you now have a 2 in 1 attire of a lehenga choli that can double up as a lehenga saree.

    Style your dupatta by draping it Rajrani style or royalty style

    Elegant, regal, classy, and easy are some of the adjectives that describe this unique dupatta draping style. It derives the name Rajrani as the look is pretty famous in royal settings. In this look, the dupatta is wrapped around the body and head and is usually combined with Punjabi salwar kameez, Patiala suits, lehenga cholis, and shararas. To wear this look, you need to fold the dupatta in big pleats and place it on the left shoulder. However, keep it a little shorter instead of equal and pin the dupatta on the shoulder. Now, you have to pull the inner edge line of the dupatta and carry it to the other shoulder while creating a clean cowl in the middle and pin it up there. Next what you need to do is drape the edge of the remaining dupatta over the head and carry it to the left side again. This style makes every woman feel super feminine and no less than a queen. 

    Style your dupatta in a back cowl


    The back cowl style is a very easy look to create. All you have to do is gather your dupatta and simply let it hang on your back freely and only hold it on both your wrist from back to front. Cute and effortless look for lehengas choli and salwar kameez. 

    Style your dupatta by leaving it open on one side


    Who doesn't love an effortless and manageable style like this one-sided draping style that hangs freely? This one is so simple that you just need to pin it on your shoulder on one side and keep equal dupatta portions on front and back. The look works great with lehengas as well as almost all types of salwar kameez including a straight suit and palazzo suits.

    So, there you go. Apart from simple ones, you can now jazz up your desi look with these top 9 trendy dupatta draping styles for your lehengas and salwar kameez. 

    Which style are you planning to try first? Let us know in the comments.