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Style Tips to Follow When You Are Wearing Traditional Indian Clothes

Style Tips to Follow When You Are Wearing Traditional Indian Clothes

  • Editorial Team

Are you dressing in traditional Indian clothes for your next occasion? Don’t know which is the best style to flaunt and make a statement? We are here to help you out. These days, there are many varieties of outfits to pick from, and it often gets us perplexed about what to wear for the occasion that we are going to look absolutely amazing.

Because the style that you need to wear differs from one occasion to the other. The style that you wear for the wedding is different from the one that you wear for a party. The style that you wear for an office occasion is different from the one that you wear for your friend’s birthday. Every occasion has its own preference, and we need to change the way we want to look and give a unique style.

Why Picking the Best from Indian Clothes is Challenging

With diverse colour combinations, stupendous designs, shades, patterns, and and new styles that hit the market every now and then, it is really tough to find the best clothes that look great on you. There are many outfits that are a blend of traditional and modern styles. You also get the comfort that you need by wearing these outfits.

But often we are confused about which is the right style for us. If there are only minimal options, it is simple for us to pick the best ethnic wear Indian clothes. But to enhance your looks even more, it is always important for you to experiment and try something new, which makes you confused actually. But if you find a dress based on the occasion that you are going to, it is not difficult to pick the best Indian clothes.

Choosing Outfits According to the Occasion

When you choose a particular outfit, make sure it is the best for the event that you are going to. It is the best way to make yourself presentable to everyone. Also, you need to choose the outfit that fits you well. When you don’t follow this simple rule, you get an ugly look, and you can’t feel and look confident in what you wear. Many new styles come each year, and we need to adapt to them to make ourselves look beautiful.

Moreover, if it is the wedding season, many new styles pop up all of a sudden and with the new colour combinations flooding the market, it is tough to pick the best. Choose combination styles to impress everyone. Styles such as kurta and pyjama, lehenga and choli are some of the best combinations. If you want to put some amazing Indian clothes in your wardrobe, then Hatkay.com is the best website where you can shop to find some amazing clothes at affordable prices.

Let us now look at the new trends in Indian clothes to shop for based on the occasion.

On-going Indian Clothes Trends

  • Embroidery jacket lehenga set: A jacket lehenga provides a combination of traditional and modern touch. These are so comfortable to wear and give a unique look as well. These are the best even if you want to wear them for a long time. When an outfit provides the comfort that we need, what else do we need, right?

Jacket-style lehengas are one such amazing piece of clothing that works well for most Indian occasions. You can wear it for engagements, wedding-related occasions, cocktail parties, and more. In this combination, besides the lehenga and the choli, you will also have a jacket. The jacket should be of contrasting shade if the lehenga and choli are the same colour.

  • A saree with floral prints: If you are going to a summer wedding, floral prints are the best without a doubt. But you can also wear it in other seasons as well. It is not mandatory that floral prints only look good in the summer season. Sarees with unique prints are in vogue these days as they give a modern look, and at the same time, these sarees are so simple to carry.

Wear a floral saree with a blouse of contrasting colours to get an edge over others. Wear statement earrings, and you are all set to rock any occasion that you go to. Make sure that when you wear a floral saree, pick colours such as blue, pastel pink, lemon yellow, etc. as they provide the required looks that you have desired.

  • Traditional gowns: Gowns are in fashion always. The traditional gowns are the most sought-after choice for cocktail parties, receptions, and similar occasions. If you are the one who got bored of wearing a lehenga choli, then the best pick for you is to try a gown. If you see, gowns are coming in several styles these days. Modern-day designers have ensured that women love to wear such gowns.

Also, instead of wearing sleeveless or full-sleeved gowns, it is better to choose volume sleeves. Moreover, most gowns designed these days are coming with a dupatta that is no longer needed to be draped. Avoid too much embroidery and embellishments on a gown. Speaking of colours, it is not easy to choose but ensure that the gown should look simple to the eyes.

These are some of the ongoing trends in Indian clothes. As you have now selected an outfit based on the latest trends, the next important thing for you to do is to enhance your overall looks. For this, you need to accessorise. So, what can you do?

  • Choosing footwear: Footwear also plays a major role in enhancing your overall looks. Buying the best footwear that matches your Indian clothes is not that easy, but you can research to know a few tips that help to do that. For example, in case your clothes have golden-toned embroidery completely, then you must buy footwear that matches the tone exactly. Only then, you will look absolutely magnificent overall.

  • Clutch: Did you ever see traditional clutch bags? They look stunning, right? When Indian clothes meet a traditional clutch, you get the elegance that you need. Clutch bags can be found in many colours, and you will be spoilt for choice. As they are available in diverse tones and colours, you can either choose a matching shade or you can choose a contrasting tone.

  • Belt: It is not easy to add a belt and look great for all Indian clothes. But you can still blend a few Indian clothes with a belt. Which are those? Did you ever try a belt on a lehenga choli? Try it and see for yourself. The elegance that you get wearing a belt is matchless. For an even flawless look, wear gold and silver-toned belts. These are perfect for traditional Indian gowns.

  • Earrings: Indian clothes combined with the right set of traditional earrings give you a look that impresses everyone on the occasion. When you have the right earrings by your side, there is no stopping you. Your earrings will not just enhance your looks but also give you an overall amazing look.

These are some of the best accessories for Indian clothes. Shop for the best Indian clothes now along with these finest accessories and you are ready to rock every occasion or event that you go to. Indian clothes are usually incredible as they give you the desired look that you are looking for easily. You don’t have to style to the next level so as to look good. So, when you are in doubt, wear Indian clothes, and you are all set to go out.

Best Hacks to Look Great in Indian Clothes

  • Make sure you pick the clothes that exactly fit you.
  • Pick the right bottoms.
  • Choose dark colours if you want to look slim.
  • Try high slits to look absolutely glamorous.
  • Your hairstyle enhances your looks.
  • Makeup and accessories should be minimal. Do not overdo them.
  • Indian clothes should be ironed well to get a nice look.

Following new trends that may not look good on you, you may sometimes get lost. So, only try new styles that look great on you. Otherwise, just ignore them. Be it a saree, lehenga, salwar kameez, or gown, wear the outfit that suits you nicely.

If you try out new clothes just because it is a trend, you may falter and spoil your look. You are beautiful already and to enhance it even more, you just have to buy clothes that fit well.


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