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How to Give Indian Clothes a Modern Touch?

How to Give Indian Clothes a Modern Touch?

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Fashion evolves every single day. The trend that is new today may not be new after 3 or 4 months. Women, especially, who love to wear fashionable Indian clothes buy new clothes that have a modern touch. Those who go to the office on a regular basis can’t resist themselves to make a fashion statement by wearing the modern collection. Celebrities start using modern styles, and everyone begins to wear them and make them a trend.

Though fusion clothing (contemporary clothes paired with Indian outfits) is popular, the craze for Indian clothes that have a traditional touch will never fade away. If you are a woman who loves to wear ethnic Indian clothes that give a modern touch, then you need to shop online for the latest collection. When you shop online, you will have access to a range of collections from which you can easily pick the best clothes.


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So, now the actual question is how to give Indian clothes a modern touch. Following are some tips that can help you get a cool, beautiful, and modern touch by wearing Indian clothes. Follow them, and you are ready to rock any occasion that you go to.

  • Take inspiration from street clothes: We know that we get inspired by celebs and start wearing clothes that become popular and loved by one and all. But the new-age designers are coming up with modern fashion and they try to sell beginning from the streets. You can get inspired by them when you do street shopping.

Check out the latest styles on the streets and try to find similar clothes online. When you try out clothes designed by new-age designers who are changing the fashion game, you are one of the first ones to start that fashion. People who look at you get inspired by you and perceive your fashion and style. So, always look for inspiration to innovate your outfit game.

Indian clothes with prints are designed with perfection by modern-day designers. The complex embroidery is beautifully crafted making sure that for whatever occasion you wear it, you look absolutely magnificent. Be it a saree or a lehenga or a salwar kameez. Just make sure you have the right jewellery, heels, and earrings, and there is nothing that can stop you from making a style statement.

  • Garments with balanced embroidery will help you stand out: When the embroidery is too heavy, your overall looks may not stand out. Don’t make embroidery spoil your looks. Light embroidery on clothes is always better than heavy embroidery. When you have balance in your outfit, you just rock and stand out without a doubt.

When the emphasis is on the embroidery, some good things about your dress may not be highlighted. But when you achieve a balance, everything about the outfit will not just be good but great. Moreover, when the embroidery is heavy, it makes your outfit hefty which in turn makes you hefty. But small embroidery on your outfit will make you look lean and beautiful.

If you need something completely out of the box, try a traditional phulkari or you can even experiment with your dupatta by wearing it on different outfits in a different way. Wearing a dupatta like a jacket or like a cowl style or on your shoulder will create a new look.

  • Blend western silhouette with Indian prints: When Indian art meets the fusion of modern styles, you get a seamless look that is so beautiful that you can wear it to most occasions, and people can’t turn their eyes off you. When you want something completely incredible, you always need to experiment a lot. The love for indo-western fashion will never fade, right? Try Indian prints with western silhouettes for an appealing look.

Also, western cuts like collar necklines, straight-cut salwar kameez, and A-line lehenga choli are next to amazing. If you are looking for the most amazing prints, some of them are Bandhani, Kalamkari, etc.

  • Accessorise to up your fashion game: Accessorise well depending on the Indian clothes that you wear. Because, only when you accessorise well for the dress you wear, you will get a fabulous look. Wear oxidised jewellery, a nice pair of heels that are matching for your Indian clothes, wear matching earrings, and other extra accessories. But don’t accessorise heavily as it may ruin your looks completely.

Try to wear add-ons that entirely change your style. Add-ons like a sling bag, belt on your waist, boots, and pendant chain can amp up your style. If you are looking for the best Indian clothes, try Hatkay.com as we have an excellent collection of the modern Indian wear that you want to immediately add to your wardrobe.

 Some of the best ways to quickly accessorise your Indian outfits are:

  • Firstly, you can try draping your saree in a western way. Make sure you add a belt around your waist so that you get a modern touch. This looks really good on women who are in their 30s and 40s and also your children.
  • Try cotton-flared Anarkali with a fedora and leather boots for a westernised look.
  • Wear a casual kurta palazzo with a sling bag in your hand. It’s a simple look but looks very elegant without a doubt.
  • For your open-neck salwar kameez suit, try a gold pendant chain for a whole new look.
  • Try sunglasses for any Indian-style outfit that you wear for a modern look.

Hope you have got enough tips on how to give Indian clothes a modern touch. Now that you know a few things about how you can complement your looks, try a new style that you have not worn till now. When you want to get creative, always buy clothes that change the way you look. Hatkay has some of the best Indian clothes that are loved by women of all ages. You can shop for yourself, your kids, or your mom. Whatever the age, you will like the styles, fabrics, colours, patterns, and shades.


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What Can Help You Get a Modern Look?

Adding some elements to your overall outfit can create an impressive look overall. Some women like to wear different addons, but you can also make a style statement and get a modernised look by wearing the right things such as-

  1. Footwear: Most women ignore footwear, but it is one of the best ways to get a new look. When you wear a western outfit, choose footwear like juttis for a contemporary look. What it does is that it helps you get an Indian touch for your overall look.
  2. Prints: Prints change the entire look. You don’t believe it unless you wear it and feel it. People who look at you can clearly see the difference in your overall style. You will get a new vibe when you wear Indian clothes with nice prints. If you need a western loo, you can wear a crop top and skirt. But if you need a vibrant Indian look, have Kalamkari prints on the crop top and skirt.
  3. Accessories: Many women think that accessories add a lot to their overall looks. Yes, it is true! When you wear accessories like bangles, bindis, small rings, etc, all these create a new look for you. So, play with different accessories so that you get a superb new and modern look.
  4. Nose rings: You know that rings completely change how we look. Adding a small nose ring can show a clear difference in our looks. Nose piercings are common in India, and when you have them, you can really try wearing new styles of nose rings that can give a perfect Indian woman look. A cute little ring on your nose will give an Indian touch undoubtedly.

Apart from these, gowns are the next best option which can help you have a modern look. Cotton gowns are in trend and get an Indian vibe easily. If you need a western look, try cold shoulder sleeves. The new designs in cold shoulder sleeves are the trend. They will not go out of fashion as new styles keep coming. With changing trends, you need to adapt to new styles, and only then can you stay absolutely cool and modern.


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