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Change your Look with These Top 10 Printed Sarees

  • Editorial Team

Printed sarees are love! And the perfect way to wear something when you are not in the mood to wear something ornate and heavy, printed sarees are indeed your best bet. 

They provide the right dose of froth in your outfit and that fuss-free and easy styling makes you wear it right from a casual brunch to a laid-back chilled-out party in a heartbeat. 

All you need is a fun and flirty blouse to go with your printed saree and you are good to go. Printed sarees look great in light and easy fabrics like georgettes. They kinda make you feel like a heroine straight out of a Yash Chopra production house movie, complete in the snowy Alps set up. 

Channelize your inner diva with these ten top printed sarees. A printed saree, trendy hoops, an off the shoulder crop top and a pair of sky-high heels. There you are set to slay the poshest of parties!

Top Super Trendy Millennial-Friendly Printed Sarees

If you're a millennial and you are looking to add a fun element to the staid traditional sarees, Bollywood is where you can seek inspiration from. Fashionistas right from Sonam Kapoor Ahuja to Kangna Ranaut love to wear this timeless garment in their inimitable style and add their perspective to a classic drape. 

Whether it is bold and sassy like Masaba Gupta or fun and floral ala Sabyasachi, when it comes to prints, there are just too many options to explore. Scroll through your Instagram feed and you will know that printed saree is the latest #TrendAlert and you just can’t help getting swayed by the tide.

  1. Floral and fancy - With the sultry temperatures ruling out the heavy drapes, the light-hued floral prints are just something you reach out to on a given day. They don’t weigh you down and uber-trendy floral prints kind of add a colorful and flirty update to your wardrobe. 

If you rather go for fun and bold colors, well be my guest, these dainty flower-printed sarees look fresh out of a voguish magazine. You can even do a print on print, a printed blouse with a differently printed saree. Let it not clash too much, just juxtapose two different prints on similar lines. 

Large tulips, dainty daisies, pretty poppies, pick your choice whether it is in breezy organzas or sensuous chiffons, it makes you look oh-so-summer ready.

  1. Kalamkari - an art itself- These beautiful prints hail from places in Andhra Pradesh. Kalamkari has successfully captivated every woman out there, thanks to its intricate beautiful designs. What sets it apart are the unusual earthy tones, the edgy lines, the stunning detailing, and the beautiful themes. 

It is available in a range of fabrics right from breathable fabrics such as cotton to gossamer silks. Kalamkari has enamored one and all with its delightful narratives, and beautiful hand-crafted crafts that have enraptured all the saree-loving brigade. 

  1. The Fashionista- approved Dabu and Bagru prints -These epitomize the innate Indianness of sarees. These types of printed sarees hail from Rajasthan and are fabrics with traditional block printing. Dabu type printing is close to the heart of rural India, it involves using mud to dye and print into something timeless. 

The craft honed through the years by skillful craftsmen and women can put to shade any modern Westernised print. These are hand-crafted and polished to perfection with the use of natural (derived from plants and animals) dyes. Varied blocks are used to create a stunning form of hard-to-ignore art. It is simply poetry on a saree. 

  1. Bold and Beautiful Batik - Batik is in and how. This tie and dye trend are seen on a lot of outfits, not just sarees. The bold prints and the brazen play of colors make for a stunning visual. The white floral artwork is pitted against a dark background to emphasize on the print. The print is either on one section of the saree or it covers the entire saree. 

The process of creating a batik saree is pretty intricate as it involves a resistance process using wax, then the color is applied to the cloth or fabric. Once the ties are un-dyed it makes for a beautiful look. Batik can be tried with numerous natural fabrics, such as cotton and silk. 

You can wear a tie and dye saree to parties too, as Jaqueline Fernandez did, she wore a batik saree to not one but several high profile events and styled it differently making it look urbane, fashionable and eco-friendly! 

  1. Eye-catching Ajrak prints - This woodblock print saree can be traced back to the province of Sindh, Pakistan and some parts of Gujarat, especially the Kutch district and Barmer, Rajasthan. 

Ajrak prints are eco-friendly with a capital C. It epitomizes nature and all things natural with the use of natural materials to create fascinating motifs and colors. The artisans use plant-based dyes to splash colors on a staid fabric and make it look like a stunning piece of rare art. 

The art reflects nature in the best way possible creating stars and flowers thanks to Noorjehan Bilgrami, the venerable artist, author, textile designer, who gave flight to the dream called Ajrak print. 

  1. The irresistible Ikkat print - This is one of the beautiful art prints that still holds fort among the modern jazzy prints. It is unique and it is classy and uses an age-old dyeing technique offering a burst of the brightest of hues blending perfection and finesse with an easy flourish. 

There are different varieties of Ikkat sarees from different parts of the country, the enchanting Pochampally from Andhra Pradesh and exquisite Patola sarees from Gujarat and not to forget the radiant Sambalpuri and Bomkai saree from Odisha. The classic prints that find a nook and cranny of every woman’s wardrobe, not without good reason. 

  1. The luscious Shibori - The Japanese tie and dye or the Leheriya, Bandhani print call them what you will but you cannot but fall in love with those intricate patterns that give an amazing appeal to the whole of nine yards. They are a gift from the banjara of Rajasthan, the eclectic patterns and exotic hues give them an eternal appeal. 

Simple, breezy, and eternal, the prints are resplendent of an era gone by yet, they are so relevant even today, wooing the modern-day fashionistas with equal elan. 

  1. Gold and silver dust - This age-old technique from Rajasthan, lends the saree a sparkling rich look a la zardozi. The materials used to create this sparkly look is mica and champion.

 These are printed on finished textiles as the work is done on the surface and is not very permeable. This bejeweled look is created with a combination of gum paste and castor oil, these mundane ingredients can create a lot of glitter and glam. 

  1. Modern, savage, classy, and sassy digital prints - These prints give life to your quick brunches to your evening soirees to impromptu parties. It is literally like when you are in doubt, wear digital prints. These prints look great on light and airy georgettes or chiffons.

 These are the ultimate chic sarees that make a style statement without trying too hard. Attain a sensuous and sleek look by wearing a sassy digital party wear sarees that includes prints such as imagery, polka dots, ovals, and other geometrical shapes. 

These are creative graphic printed sarees on various fabrics such as georgettes, cotton silks, organza, and more.

 A little bit of styling is all you need to nail the stylish corporate look or the glamorous party look. Ensure you pair a digital printed saree with the right blouse, halter-necked to off-shoulder to corsets, to create a chic look. 

  1. The golden aura of foil print sarees - A foil print saree is on trend now and creates a sparkling effect wherever you go. The glittering foil print is the perfect saree to sport on for occasions, parties, and other festivities, light, breathable, with minimum embellishments it is all things sensuous, sultry, and glam.

 Foil print sarees are gracefully embellished with zari, lace, thread work giving the classic saree an-all new spin. Embellished yet never heavy, it is for the millennial who would love to join the saree tribe but without its usual trappings. 

Available in a variety of fabrics such as art silk sarees and Bhagalpuri silk saree, this is one way of courting tradition by carefully sidelining the heavy pallus of conventional sarees. 

Prints on your sarees give you a leeway to explore more alternative and less conventional. Printed sarees are having a moment of their own, because of the novel ways fashionistas are re-imagining the age-old saree, classic forever yet on-trend, and how! Ensure you drape it differently, and while you are at it and interested to know about saree draping tips, check out this blog of ours, on how to drape your saree like a pro, to perfect trendy saree hacks. Printed sarees are the never-fail alternative, one that you can use to try to impress a hot date or when you want to dress-to-impress at your best friend’s sangeet! Yes, versatile like that!