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10 Cool Ways to Style a Lehenga to Look Like a Fashionista

10 Cool Ways to Style a Lehenga to Look Like a Fashionista

  • Editorial Team

Lehenga is an ethnic and versatile outfit, but wearing the same kind of lehenga every time, in the same way, can be boring. There are plenty of options from blouse style to how you drape it. So, it is easy now to make sure you look trendy by styling in a different way when you wear a lehenga choli for your next occasion.

If you are looking for a traditional look, wear a dupatta with a half saree style. If the occasion is a bridal reception, beautiful lehenga designs with a crop top will make you stand out. For a comfy look, wear your readymade lehenga skirt with a long jacket. So, the options are literally endless. Take your time and know which really suits your personal style, and then buy a lehenga online that is too perfect for you.

Best Lehenga Style To Amp Up The Glam

Listed below are a few ways that you can wear your modern lehenga to ensure your outfit doesn’t stay only to fancy parties.

1. Dupatta around your neck:

This is a simple type of draping style, and it gives you a youthful touch. Wrap your long dupatta around your neck to create a unique look. It looks more cool than the traditional way of how you pin your dupatta to your blouse.

2. Slit top and lehenga skirt:

slit top lehenga suit

Pair a slit top or a long-sleeved jacket with the lehenga skirt. It gives a fusion wear type look. You can simply ignore the choli and blouse, and pair the skirt with a long-slit top to get a whole new look. As per the colour of the lehenga dress, you can pick the jacket or slit top. If you are looking for a lehenga online, there are many slit tops and lehenga skirts that you can find easily.

3. Lehenga with a belt:

You can get a perfect fusion style look by wearing a party wear lehenga with a belt around your stomach. You will get a pretty look, and it will be very much unique, and you will stand out from the crowd. Another advantage is that your waist will look slimmer. Once you wear the lehenga, you can wear the dupatta on one shoulder just like how you wear it normally. Shimmery belts will complement the gorgeous attire so well.

4. A simple skirt and a lehenga blouse:

lehenga with blouse

The majority of the time, women choose to wear heavily embroidered lehenga blouses. You can wear the blouse with simple plain silk or cotton skirts and scrap the usual skirt that comes along with the outfit, to create a unique look for yourself. If there is a not-so-significant party, you can wear this on that occasion.

5. A lehenga skirt with a plain blouse:

Heavily embroidered fancy lehenga skirt can be paired with a simple blouse for a casual look, but you will look gorgeous. The colour of the blouse should be in contrast with the skirt colour. It is completely up to you to wear a dupatta or not.

6. Double dupatta style:

Double dupatta has grown popular when fashionista Sonam Kapoor wore this style. First, you need to pick two dupattas for your lehenga choli. The first dupatta should be the same colour as the lehenga while the second dupatta must be a contrast colour. You need to make sure the dupatta designs don’t shadow each other. The first dupatta should be worn across the shoulders and the second one from the back of the other shoulder. The dupatta end should be tucked inside your waist.

7. Front draping style:

If you go back and see the ancient times, women in the Mughal times were wearing the dupatta in the front. Pin the choli on one shoulder and tie the other end to the opposite hand. This is somewhat different from the usual front draping style, and wearing this will make you stand out from others.

8. Crop top and lehenga skirt:

Crop top lehenga suits

Crop tops can make your lehenga look so stylish and on-point. Moreover, you can create a fusion style by pairing a lehenga skirt with a chic crop top. For a more improved look, wear a cold shoulder or off-shoulder crop top. The best lehenga choli online can only be purchased from the best shopping website.

9. Anarkali suit and lehenga skirt:

Anarkali lehenga suit

Nothing can beat an Anarkali lehenga suit. It can be bridal wear for you. If you have a lavish function to attend, an Anarkali suit with a lehenga skirt works the best. Make sure you choose one depending on your body type. Wear the dupatta over the attire for a striking look. This doesn’t give you an over-dressed look nor is it under-dressed.

10. Lehenga and saree hybrid:

Sarees and lehengas are two different traditional outfits, but mixing them will produce a gorgeous outfit. Have you ever tried it? Wear your lehenga and drape the dupatta like the saree pallu. This gives a creative and unique look like you are wearing a saree, but it is a lehenga actually. This lehenga saree combination will no doubt be gorgeous.

The above-discussed styles will give a new look for each occasion. Also, make sure that you wear the right accessories that complement your dress to get a striking look.

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