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Which Color Saree is Best for Marriage?

Which Color Saree is Best for Marriage?

  • Editorial Team

Thinking of which color sarees is the best for marriage? We suggest sarees that match your skin tone are the perfect ones for marriage be it yours or your loved ones. If you are the bride and looking for the best collection of sarees for your wedding, you are in the right place. We have the choicest collection of the latest 2022 inspired saree collection that will make you fall in love.

Bright colors with elaborate designs are definitely the best choice for your wedding. Make sure you have a heavy pallu to get the best traditional look that you are looking for. The intricate designs done by our craftsman are too good and will compliment your looks if you buy the best ones that suit you. All you have to do is wear matching jewellery, a precise hairstyle, and excellent makeup to get a striking look.


Soft Peach Floral Embroidered Indian Wedding Saree


Best Saree Colors for Marriage

Some of the best color saree for marriage are dark colors such as:

  • Red: This color makes a bride stand out from the crowd. If you have a golden border, it gives you an even better look. Wear golden jewellery and you are ready to rock.
  • Blue: If you like something offbeat, this is the color that you need to go with. The color gives you a rich and pleasing look. It is even better if it has silver motifs.
  • Green: It’s an auspicious color when it comes to a wedding saree. A golden border looks pretty amazing with a green saree.
  • White: It’s an evergreen choice for weddings. Not just the bride, many of your relatives wear multi-color with white dominating in it.
  • Golden color: When you need a stunning look, Gold is the most sought-after choice. Wear shimmery makeup along with temple jewellery for a perfectly magnificent look.
  • Dark pink: Dark pink gives a mesmerising look and catches everyone’s attention. You will look young and pretty in this color. It is one of the very few colors that compliment all skin tones.
  • Yellow: Yellow gives a sense of positivity. These colors are no doubt gorgeous on a bride. Wear a contrasting color blouse or border to stand out.

These are the best dark colors for marriage that will make you stand out. Besides looking at the saree color, you also must look at the saree fabric. Fabric also plays an important role in deciding your looks. Buy fabrics that you already own, and that you are comfortable with. Check out your wardrobe before you make a purchase of fabric, and you will definitely make the right choice.


As you now know which is the best color for a wedding saree, start shopping for the best ones right away at Hatkay.com. Our range of collections is so good that you will buy at least a few every time you visit our website. So, what is making you wait now? Shop for all the women in your family and celebrate the upcoming festivals and special occasions in style!