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When Should We Wear Salwar Suit? Is Salwar Kameez Formal Wear?

When Should We Wear Salwar Suit? Is Salwar Kameez Formal Wear?

  • Editorial Team

A salwar kameez is one of the most preferred choices for women who go to the office, yet it is also the best wear for casual as well as for occasions. However, for every specific occasion, you have a salwar kameez available now. You can wear salwar kameez for diverse occasions such as a party, wedding, birthday function, festival, or even casual and formal wear.


Blue Georgette Pants Style Suit


Hatkay.com has an impressive collection of the latest salwar kameez styles that stun everyone who looks at you. Whatever be your requirement, we have you covered. From straight cut salwar kameez which is one of the most sold-out suits of us, to the palazzo style suits, we have a range of salwar suits that match every occasion.

What are the Kinds of Salwar Suits?

Usually, you can find three kinds of salwar suits online which are- casual salwar suits, formal salwar suits, and party salwar suits. 

  • Casual salwar suits: Casual salwar suits have less or no embroidery. You can find these in bright colours and are very good for occasions such as Independence Day, Diwali, Holi, and other occasions where you can show the vibrancy of the festival. We have casual salwar suits in diverse fabrics, shades, styles, colours, and geometric patterns with excellent embroidery. Shop your favourites today!
  • Formal salwar suits: Formal salwar suits are perfect for office, interviews, and other kinds of formal occasions. They give you a decent and elegant look without a doubt. The embroidery is not too much, and the patterns are light. We have a great collection of formal salwars that you can buy at a considerably reasonable price.
  • Party salwar suits: The best party salwar suits are found at Hatkay.com. We have the largest collection of party wear salwar suits that gives you a unique and fab-new look. Shop for party salwar suits that are very shiny with golden embroidery with us. You are sure to love them to the core. Salwar suit is the best when you buy a party wear suit. They come in diverse styles, colour combinations, and impressive fabrics that fit you well and look great on you.

So, whatever be your choice of salwar suit, we have them on our website. We only sell the best quality salwar suits at a reasonable price.

Dark Green Crystal Embroidered Slit Style Palazzo Suit

If questions are still running in your mind that if salwar kameez is formal wear, then yes, a salwar kameez is formal wear too. It depends on the style that you buy. In formal salwar kameez as well, we have a lot more choices for women. You can even gift your loved ones some of the trendy 2022 inspired styles on special occasions.


So, whatever be your choice of salwar kameez, we have them all with us. With special occasions such as Eid just around the corner, we are all stocked up with the latest salwar kameez styles now. You don’t have to limit your choices by shopping offline at a store. Shop online with us and we assure you are going to purchase the finest styles in casual, formal as well as party salwar kameez.