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What is the Difference Between Sharara and Gharara Suits? Where Can You Buy Sharara Suits Online in USA?

What is the Difference Between Sharara and Gharara Suits? Where Can You Buy Sharara Suits Online in USA?

  • Editorial Team

Many people know there is a difference between Sharara and Gharara suits, but they do not know exactly what the differences are. Gharara suits have gained popularity lately. If you stay in the USA and want to buy Sharara suits in USA or Gharara suits in USA, then look nowhere except Hatkay. We have amazing collections, and you will be spoilt for choice. Our suits come in different styles, colours, and fabrics.

What is a Sharara Suit?

Sharara is also similar to a Gharara suit, and it also has a pair of wide-legged pants. Indian Pakistani women wear them. They are also the most worn dress for weddings. A Sharara suit normally includes a short kurta and a pair of flared pants.

What is a Gharara Suit?

A Gharara is a traditional Lucknowi garment. It is worn normally by Muslim women. It includes a kurti, a dupatta, and wide-legged pants. This suit is back in fashion after so many years. They are common attire for Muslims throughout the globe.


Main Differences Between Gharara and Sharara Suits

Gharara is the most recent trend and more worn by millennials. It may not be so famous because of its tough silhouette, and it does not look good on everyone who wears it. The flare of the Gharara is typically shown with a decorative band. Some Gharara have an extra flare for a dramatic effect. If you want to pair Gharara suits with a kameez, you can wear them. Compared to a Sharara, Gharara suits use less fabric. It can be embellished with zari, stones, and also beads. If you wear the kurta up to the band, you will definitely look taller.

Speaking of the Sharara suits, they are party pants. Both Gharara and Sharara suits date back to the Mughal era. Shararas are mostly worn in Bollywood movies. If you are in search of pants that look similar to a lehenga, then a Sharara suit is the ultimate choice for you. These are fitted at the waist. Though short kurtas are popular, pair a Sharara suit with a long kurta. It looks good on you without a doubt.

Best Place to Buy Sharara and Gharara Suits

Hatkay.com is definitely the place where you can buy the best quality Sharara Suits and Gharara Suits. We have the finest collection that will impress any women. From casual suits to embroidery ones, we have it all. If you are looking for the best ones at a low price, then definitely visit Hatkay.com. We offer quality products for the price you put in. Even if you are living in the USA, we can deliver your Sharara Suits in USA easily. Order online and get it to your doorstep within no time.

The Eid celebrations have started already, and if you want to buy the best Sharara or Gharara suits, we have it all for you. Our clothing is not just for festivals, you can wear it for weddings, events, parties, and any other occasion. Browse through the amazing collection and buy your favourite suits now at Hatkay.