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What are the Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Wedding Lehenga Choli?

What are the Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Wedding Lehenga Choli?

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Lehengas were always reserved for Indian brides to wear for their weddings, but now, fashion enthusiasts all around the nation are hooked with these stunning gowns. Today, almost every young woman has a colourful collection of lehengas in her closet that she can wear to weddings or during the holiday season.

So, why are lehengas such a favourite outfit?

During the Mughal era, when queens, princesses, and royal ladies wore these exquisite costumes to feasts and important occasions, the lehenga-choli was first observed in India. The elegant skirt, blouse, and dupatta combination would be richly adorned with embroidery, stones, and adornments. But gone are those where women from great families wear a lehenga choli. Now it is everyone’s choice.

Moreover, many women still think that spending a lot on a lehenga choli can help them get the best one. Not really! Even if you want your wedding lehenga to stand out and be perfect, you do not have to blow all of your money on it. Every lady dreams of wearing a wedding lehenga that is special and reflects her individuality. This aspiration ultimately comes at a high cost, which could be inconvenient for everyone. Indeed, it need not be expensive to locate the perfect wedding lehenga.

Pink And White Sequence Embroidery Lehenga Choli

So as you hunt for the ideal lehenga, have a look below and keep the following advice in mind.

  • Make sure your blouse is the center of attention: The cost of a bridal lehenga depends on how work is on it or how much effort is put in its making. All-over embroidery was in style until last year, but that is no longer the case. However, the contemporary bride has started experimenting with her bridal lehenga by keeping it simple with a shirt that is elaborately embroidered and decorating it with chunky jewelry.

The face and the neck are ultimately the parts of a woman that draw our attention when we gaze at her on her wedding day. So, make sure the blouse is given more preference.

  • Style: Designer lehengas can occasionally cost extra because of their expensive ornamentation. Real gold and silver thread and semi-precious stones are frequently used by designers to drastically increase the cost of their apparel. Avoid such tactics by not falling for them. Delicate thread needlework and besides that, synthetic stones can even help in making your lehenga stand out.

  • Exclusivity: Exclusiveness is one factor that raises the cost. There is no guarantee, however, that a well-known designer won't stock a similar item at a different store. Therefore, rather than pursuing novelty, think about the lehenga quality. Do you feel at ease with the surface? It seems to fit your physique like a glove. Does the lehenga make you feel suffocated or does it make you look better? You should ponder these questions as you try on several lehenga cholis.
  • Check if weight is a problem to you: Designers often stuff as much embroidery and other work as they can on a lehenga. It's possible that you've heard of brides who paid over a lakh for a 35-kilogram lehenga. Don't pick a flashy, large item just because it's expensive. Consider how comfortable you are in the dress.

On your wedding day, you would prefer to be very relaxed and happy rather than irritable and exhausted. No matter how heavy your choli and lehenga are, go with a simple dupatta. Don't go overboard, despite what a designer would suggest. Put your own comfort and sense of style first.

  • Play with colours: Colours play a key role in styling without a doubt. You can add different colours to your old bridal lehenga to give it a new look if you want to wear it to an occasion without anybody noticing. Try to get a new dupatta to replace your old one. A fresh dupatta can alter the style as a whole.

In addition, you can put together a chic western style by wearing your old traditional lehenga with a crop top, strap top, and satin shirt.

  • Jewellery makes a lot of difference: The jewelry completes the conventional appearance and highlights a woman's beauty. Indian clothing is never complete without the appropriate jewellery. Wear the appropriate jewellery with your lehenga choli to create a captivating appearance. Try to avoid wearing a heavy necklace with a pair of heavy earrings if you are wearing a heavy necklace. To make your lehenga more fashionable and draw attention from everyone, carefully balance your jewellery.

  • Purchase it online: One of the best methods to find the perfect lehenga while saving money is to buy at online merchants. From online stores like Hatkay.com, you can actually get a variety of bridal lehenga styles that not only stand out but also fall within your budget. We really understand how important your special day is to you and will go above and beyond to ensure that your experience with the lehenga choli is incredible.

Now that you know Hatkay provides the best lehenga choli for your wedding, why don’t you order a few from our exquisite collection? We have an amazing collection that will make you awestruck. The mesmerising collection will definitely make you fall in love with the collection without a doubt.

Black And Beige Sequence Embroidery Lehenga Choli

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