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Top 20 trendy neck designs for salwar kameez

Top 20 trendy neck designs for salwar kameez

  • Editorial Team

No one can deny the grandiose and beauty of the Indian salwar kameez. The ensemble is loved by women all over the world, especially because it not only looks awe-inspiring but also because it is super comfortable and versatile. Women of all ages can wear a well-fitted salwar suit to a wedding, to a temple, to office, to a house party or even as everyday wear- rest assured there is a salwar kameez for everyone for every occasion!

This is all good but how important is the neck design of a kameez? The answer is very! All Hatkay fashion designers agree that the design on the neck of the kurta can make or break your salwar kameez look. The right neck design can make you look taller, slimmer and more poise than you have ever been. It is essential that while buying your next salwar kameez, you choose the neck design as per your body type, personality, fabric, and occasion as well. You don't want to wear a diamond-studded round neckline to a temple. Thus, it is important that you know the basics of choosing a neck pattern for your salwar kameez design. In order to help you with that, we are giving you a crash course of different neck designs on salwar kameez and which ones will look best on you. 

Let's get started with 20 trendy neck designs for salwar kameez

Square Neck 

A square neck design on your salwar kameez can be the oomph that you need. It can make your neck look longer and slimmer as well. The square neck design is the perfect match for women with a smaller neck and narrow shoulders. This is because a square neck will emphasize your petite frame, neck and collar bone. Square necklines are best suited to salwar suits made from the light-weight cotton fabric. Add minimalistic accessories and high heels to complete the look. 

Scoop Neck 

Women with narrow shoulders and a petite bust line can rock the scoop neck design also known as the Deep U neck. Preferred fabric for this neck style would be chiffon, georgette and other sheer like fabrics. To make you look sexier, plug in some jhumkas and a neat hairstyle that enhances your neck.

V Neckline


What makes V neck an all-time favorite of almost all women? It is the fact that V neck kameez makes you look slimmer and is the easiest look to pull for casual and office wear. You can match your V neck kurta with a churidar or leggings or even a straight salwar- all are winning looks for the neckline. 

Collared Neck  

Taking inspiration from the most famous men's look - collar neck shirts, the collared neckline on a kurta looks equally inspired. This look on salwar kameez has made a name for itself owing to its minimalistic design and practical style. In short, the collared neck style kills it when it comes to the elegant neckline on salwar suits. Add some extra oomph to your look with some embroidery, stone or sequin work on the front on the collared neckline. 

Boat Neck 

A salwar suit with a boat neckline is one of the most exotic designs on the kameez. It perfectly accents your sexy collar bone and makes your neck look taller and slimmer, ensuring that you are the center of attraction everywhere you will go. Emboss this sure shot designs on chiffon, crepe or georgette salwar kameez.

Round Neck


Bringing its unique charm to the party, a round neck design has equal measures of traditional yet contemporary appeal. It is one of the few necklines that suits almost everyone and is perfect for casual wear. It looks phenomenal on fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette, etc. 

U Neck


    One of the most simple designs, a U neckline design is called U neck because it is shaped like the letter U. It has a very clean and pleasing look that looks great on women of all body types. It is known for its comfortable shape and versatile style. The best part about a U neckline kurta is that you don't need to keep adjusting your dupatta or cover your breast line as it perfectly covers it all. Just add a simple lace or piping to the neckline and you are good to go.

    Mandarin Collar Neck

    A Mandarin collar neckline looks a lot like a collared neckline except that this one completely covers the neck. The best part of this unique neckline is that it requires no other accessories around the neck. All you need are a pair of elegant earrings and high heels to complete the look. You can wear a dupatta on the shoulder or don't wear one with this neckline.

    Embroidered Neck


      Who doesn't like a dash of heavy hand embroidery on their expensive suits? Add some embroidery around your neckline and you got yourself a gorgeous look that looks super luxurious. The intricate embroidery around the neck takes the entire look of the salwar kameez a notch higher. You highlight the look further with big earrings. 

      Sweetheart Neck

        The stunning sweetheart neckline on your kurta automatically makes you look younger and lovelier than you already are. The heart-shaped curves that connect at the bust line, this forms the shape of a heart, hence the name sweetheart neckline. Kameez with three-quarter sleeves and full sleeves look best with a sweetheart neckline. You can take the look further with embroidery or piping around the neckline and enhance the entire look. 

        Asymmetrical Neck

          One of the most trendy necklines this season is the asymmetrical neck design. As the name suggests, it is asymmetrical and easily blends with almost any fabric and style of salwar kameez. Choose this style and you are sure to look gorgeous. 

          Front keyhole neck


          This neck design gets its name from the fact that it has a keyhole in the front with the dori or thread tying a knot. The majority of Indian salwar kameez have a keyhole on the back but it is evident that the front keyhole dori neck style is here to stay. Not only does this give an extra ethnic touch to your look but it also is super stylish. 

          Split Round Neck


            This is another variation of the classic round neck with a split in the middle that women love. The neck style looks impeccable with a little embroidery around that goes till the navel of the kurta. Style it with minimalistic earrings, high heels and the dupatta on the side. 

            Yas Queen!! You are ready to go!

            Crew Neck


              A crew neck style is nothing but a round neck that is closer to the neck. Crew neck salwar suits or Kurtis are a great pick for cocktail parties and evening celebrations. This one is particularly popular amongst the younger generations.

              Closed Neck


                Want a way to look like a star of the evening? Try a closed neck or bandhgala salwar kameez for your next event. Staying true to its name a closed neck style is somewhat like a collared neck but closed. It looks super chic and is usually paired with a straight salwar, leggings or churidar. You can complete the chic ensemble with pencil heels and catchy jewelry.  

                Cape Style Neck


                  The cape neck design salwar kameez is quite in-demand right now. They are classy yet contemporary and have often been highlighted by fashionistas, socialites and many Bollywood celebrities as well. It is the layered look offered by the cape style neck that makes it so elegant. The layered cape is often embellished with embroidery, stonework or sequin work as well. 

                  Piping Placket Neck

                    The piping placket neck style is the next hot thing in the salwar kameez trends. The contrasting piping over the neck looks very attractive and adds sensuality to your casual look. Additionally, the placket pattern adds oomph to your neckline as well. 

                    Angrakha Neck


                      The Angrakha neckline brings pazazz to a very traditional pattern of wrapping and tying neck design. This trend originated in West India and in fact the entire ensemble is known as angrakha suits. This is a classic look that allows you to leave the dupatta at the home and feel the neck and the length of the ties which are held diagonally instead of the usual center ties. 

                      Jewel Neck


                        This neckline needs no description, as the name itself tells you the unique approach of this style. The jewel neckline is so beautifully ornamented that you don't feel the need to wear any additional jewelry around your neck. It itself is a complete look that makes you look party-ready without any accessories. 

                        Illusion Neck

                          Offering a very unique look, the illusion neckline is designed to make an illusion of two necklines as the designers skillfully attach a net, mesh or georgette fabric to the original neckline. The look is completed with matching salwar and mostly a matching net dupatta. The best thing about this look? It looks luxurious and expensive without it being super expensive- a perfect look for wedding parties, sangeet, cocktail parties, engagements and more.

                          We have come to an end to our list of top 20 trendiest neck designs for salwar kameez. Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments.