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Top 7 Punjabi Suit Styles for a Mesmerizing Look

Top 7 Punjabi Suit Styles for a Mesmerizing Look

  • Editorial Team

Wearing modern Punjabi salwar suits is the best way to demonstrate your passion for style and Indian sensibility. The Punjabi suits are not only worn by women in Punjab today, but they are also popular around the world!

The original design of this suit has been preserved by modern designers, who have also added some elegant touch. These days, you may purchase Punjabi salwar suits in a variety of styles, including Anarkali style, jacket style, palazzo style, etc.

With tunics, Patiala trousers, blouses, and more, the classic Punjabi Salwar suit outfit has a multicultural flair. Although the outfit can be given incredible twists and turns, the best appearance can be achieved for both formal and informal settings.

So, keep reading to learn about the newest Punjabi suit styles and patterns.

Buy Mesmerizing Punjabi Suits Online

If you're looking for fresh designs of Punjabi salwar suits, you won't be let down anymore if you choose Hatkay.com. Online shops today offer a vast selection of dazzling suits made of luxurious fabrics that exceed your expectations. To look fashionable, you can choose bold patterns, brilliant colors, and dynamic designs.

In this blog, we have all the latest Punjabi suits covered for you! Here are the top 7 Punjabi suits that you can wear to get people's hearts racing.

  1.   Palazzo Salwar Suits

When you pair your short or long kurta with lovely palazzo bottoms, the design of the palazzo Punjabi suit will make it so simple for you to achieve that regal look you might be looking for. The outfit's straight top and flared bottoms are made to be as comfortable and elegant as possible.

To create a more striking and modern look, try short Kurtis and wide-legged palazzo pants, which are currently in style. Once dressed, you can highlight your curves and turn heads by accessorizing with silver jewelry and a Punjabi juttis.

  1.   Patiala Suits

This Patiala-based Punjabi suit design has historical roots in the city of Patiala. There are several different designs available for this suit, including square necks, V-necks, etc. An ordinary salwar suit is given a quirky touch by the Phulkari work and the traditional needlework is used in Punjabi culture.

Additionally, you can use prints to your advantage and adorn your suit whatsoever you like to produce outfits that are unparalleled. Adding Patiala units to your wardrobe would help people understand your touch of style. Hatkay has some of the finest Patiala suits online at affordable prices. Wear them, and you would look like a princess.

  1.   Designer Punjabi Salwar Suits

Women love to have designer Punjabi salwar suits because it would make them look fashionable while admiring traditional ethnic attire. The designer suit will have exquisite embroidery that covers the entire fabric, emphasizing the outfit's vibrant hue.

Additionally, the salwar matches the neck pattern, making it perfect for all kinds of parties. The sleeves will also have embroidery from the elbow to the wrist, enhancing the splendor of the outfit and giving it a majestic appearance. If you are searching online for the finest Punjabi salwar suits, you are definitely in the right place.

  1.   Jacket-style Punjabi Suits

Even while the ethnicity and traditions of traditional Punjabi salwar suits are paramount, wearing them with a modern-styled jacket will give you a more than tailored look. It's time to show off your sense of style with our Jacket-style Punjabi suits if you want to stay on trend.

This outfit is sure going to give you a stunning appearance without sacrificing the latest fashion trends. We have revamped our collection of jacket-style Punjabi suits recently, and for the upcoming festival and wedding season, we have the best-in-class Punjabi suits. So, shop now before the best stock is sold out quickly.

  1.   Sharara Punjabi Suits

The Sharara Punjabi salwar suit comes with a lovely short kurti that looks like a dress, which you can simply match with the flared sharara bottoms for a great look. Additionally, you can leave additional space for flared sharara pants, showing off the brilliance and sparkling appearance of your outfit.

For instance, you may go for a short kurta embellished with magnificent embroidery, made of thread, mirror work, or sequins, which would enhance the fantastic charisma of your ethnic outfit. You can try many such styles as well as we have a cool collection that you will fall in love with.

  1.   Printed Punjabi Salwar Suits

Look gorgeous in bold hues and attractively printed V-neck Punjabi suits made of georgette. You will be the center of attention at every event in this attire because of the creative designs and sequin embellishments. Plunging V-necklines and georgette printed salwar suit is your finest choice if you wish to wear a new style of Punjabi salwar suit.

To astound onlookers, you can dress in contemporary outfits, wear conventional jutis, and ornate bracelets with precious stones. Let nothing hold you back when you want to shop with us. You can order from anywhere in the world and we will deliver it within no time, right to your doorstep.

  1.   Indo-western Punjabi Suits

This new style of the Punjabi suit salwar also features a Kurti with side and front slits! You can wear these fashionable Punjabi suits for any event. The churidar pyjama pants of this type of Punjabi suit typically include thread embroidery and may be seen through the front or side slits, giving the outfit a sophisticated appearance.

You can choose from a variety of color options such as brown, pink, blue, magenta, maroon, etc. as neck patterns. Know that slit kurta Punjabi suits are the most sought-after choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. When you want to experiment, these are the suits that you need to look at.

Best Tips to Look Great in a Punjabi Suit

Though not all women share the same opinions, there are some fashion guidelines that we can all agree upon. Women are fortunate to have distinct body types and preferences. Consequently, you must use some tips and methods if you want to enhance your beauty.

Here are some important considerations for choosing your Punjabi suit design and showcasing your fantastic flair.

  • Redefine your looks by finding the right print: Do you realize that the front neck and designs on a Punjabi suit also play a role in how you appear on certain occasions? Prints can make you look tiny and delicate or taller than you actually are. For example, a patterned Punjabi suit with vertical prints can lengthen your physique and make you look shredded. While a stunning printed top and a simple plain bottom will elevate your style drastically.

  • Length of the sleeve matters a lot: If you have thicker arms, avoid going with short sleeves or going without sleeves when wearing Punjabi salwar suits. Short sleeves will draw extra attention, emphasizing how flabby your arms appear.

So, always play a traditional game with a dash of originality, wearing full or quarter sleeves to make yourself look toned. If you want to combine comfort and style, the loose fit will be a fantastic choice.

  • Order darker hues: Always try to wear dark-colored Punjabi salwar suits to give an illusion that hides your hefty body. Those with slim body types don’t have to worry. Avoid wearing lighter hues, and be sure to choose colors that will enhance your natural beauty. Darker colors like black and dark green can work wonders for any celebration.

  • Blend of traditional and modern touch: We frequently match traditional haircuts, jewelry, and other accessories with traditional Punjabi clothes. But what if you want to use the costume for a gathering or an office party? To give your clothing a proper appearance that is appropriate for the occasion, you must strike a balance between traditional and modern styles.
  • Choosing the right fabric always makes you a winner: If you choose the wrong fabric and stick to your comfort zone, you'll look less fashionable. Selecting fabrics that are lightweight and of standard quality, and have a tendency to attach to your body will help shape your personality.

Wearing clothing with lots of heavy embellishments and tones can sometimes make you look fat. For your Punjabi salwar suit, you can pick a chiffon fabric that will adhere to your body and highlight your fashionable appearance.


Every woman should own a Punjabi suit since they make you comfortable and enhance your appearance on any occasion. We can say that the traditional Punjabi dress can steal the hearts of women all over the world due to its ethnic authenticity.

There is just one place to look when it comes to the countless variations of Punjabi salwar suits, and that is Hatkay.com. Every woman wants to have a beautiful Punjabi suit in her closet, and we have an incredible collection that makes it possible. Your fashion goals will be satisfied undoubtedly by selecting our Punjabi suits. So, even if you are in the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, or any other location, you can shop online with us, and we will deliver within no time.