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Top 5 Pre-Wedding Shoot Outfits for the Blushing Bride

  • Editorial Team

Pre-wedding shoots are a part of pop culture now and mind you there is no beating around this rising trend that is here to stay! It is one of the most important milestones to achieve for about to be wed couples. The pre-wedding photoshoot and videos are a very creative way for couples to capture the essence of their courtship or relationship. It is almost like a time capsule that will capture your love and the fun aspect of your relationship, that you will cherish for the rest of your life. 

This is the exact reason why everything about the photo/video shoot has to be perfect- starting from the location, the props, the backdrops to the outfits you wear (this is the most important part). A good wedding photographer will take care of the location, and props, it is your outfits that you need to pay the most attention too. After all, those memories are forever!

If you thought that you only have to worry about the perfect wedding lehenga, then think again. Finding and coordinating outfits for your pre-wedding shoot is just as tricky if not more. These pictures are going to be a part of your married life forever, everybody from your friends and family to all your social media followers will be seeing these pictures. And everybody is paying attention to what you are wearing in them (not much to look at anyway). These timeless pictures will be representing some of the most loving memories and so it is essential that you look your absolute best in all of them. On the other hand, don't go crazy with your pre-wedding shoot outfits as you need to be practical about it as well. While vanity does come at a price, comfort should be your priority too as you will be moving around a lot during the shoot. 

Helping out the blushing bride, here are the top 5 pre-wedding outfits that will bring out the best in you. Remember we said coordinating? That is because you need to coordinate the outfit you select with your soon to be pati parmeshwar for inspiring the ultimate #CoupleGoals. Hold o, when we say coordinate, it in no way means you both should wear matching prints and colors. It means to wear shades of the same color or complementing colors. Another thing you have to keep in mind, the backdrop of your photo, so while selecting the pre-wedding shoot outfits, think about the location too and select something that suits the environment as well. For example, you are shooting in a forest or a garden, earthy colors are the way to go. 

With that, let us get started with our list of top 5 pre-wedding outfits that will bring out the best in you

  • A bright Punjabi salwar suit
  • What says here is a jolly-bubbly bride with a cheerful personality than a blushing bride in a gorgeous Punjabi Suit. Additionally, salwar suits are very easy to carry which makes it perfect to move around and have fun during the pre-wedding shoot.

  • Anarkali Dress
  • Of course, you want the slow-motion twirl shot in your pre-wedding shoot. Your wedding is almost incomplete without it. A floor-length Anarkali dress is the perfect outfit for your pre-wedding shoot. Not only does it look graceful and adds extra feminine points to your personality but it also will add a timeless appeal in your shoot. The Anarkali dress has not gone out of fashion since the Mughal era and it is not going to go away anytime soon. You can choose from a variety of dresses and buy an Anarkali online that matches your photoshoot theme.

  • The love for Saree
  • If you want ethereal beauty and elegance all combined in one outfit, an Indian saree is the only attire that comes to mind. Of all your pre-wedding outfits, at least one has to be a saree as the grace of the saree is automatically reflected on you as well. It also adds a certain amount of sophistication and sensuality to your photographs. You can also opt for different regional style sarees like drape a Maharashtrian style saree for cheerful photos or a south Indian style saree for a more stimulating look.

    1. A luxurious Lehenga

    Calling all the divas out there as a lavish lehenga for a pre-wedding shoot is not a child's play. It was the couples who wanted more flamboyance and extravagance reflected in their photos. Again, don't go overboard with this one either, or else you will end with a photoshoot lehenga that is heavier than your actual wedding lehenga. Lehengas are a great way to add a touch of royalty and regality in your photoshoot. Keep in mind this might not be very comfortable attire for a photo shoot, especially in summers but vanity comes at a price, remember? 

  • A gorgeous gown
  • Imagine a perfect photo of you in a grand evening gown and your beau in a classic three-piece suit. That is Instagram gold, the cover of your wedding album, and your Facebook profile picture for a long time! A pre-wedding photoshoot in a gown will make all your Disney fairytales come to life and will add a flare to those chummy touchy-touchy romantic shots too. Be careful about the color of the gown- what you want to do is wear a light and subtle colored gown for the daytime and a darker shade gown for the evening shoots.

     With that, we are concluding our list of Top 5 pre-wedding shoot outfits for the ladies. What did you think about our picks? Do you agree with them? What must have attire did we miss on the list? 

    More than anything, a pre-wedding shoot is your way of telling your love story, a perfect way to showcase the beauty of your love for each other. Prepare the outfits a few days in advance so that you don't have to rush everything at the last minute.  The most important thing to remember about the pre-wedding shoot is to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. The idea is to have fun and capture that fun and love you have for each other in a series of pictures, so don't worry about the little things.