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How to choose the perfect salwar kameez according to your personality?

How to choose the perfect salwar kameez according to your personality?

  • Editorial Team

If you thought all salwar kameez are of the same boring type and everybody looks the same in it, think again. There is a reason that the traditional Indian salwar kameez that originated years ago has not only stood the test of time but thrived. Today, salwar kameez has become a must-have the wardrobe of women all over the world. 

Ever wondered why though? What is so special about them? It is the eternal grace, poise, and charm that radiates from the woman adorned in classic salwar suits. However, all types of Indian dresses for women will not suit all types of women. You have the find the ones that compliment your personality. 

What do you mean by salwar kameez matching to your personality?

Why do you think there are so many types of salwar kameez available in the market? Designs, fabrics and patterns ranging from Patiala suit, Pakistani salwar kameez, Anarkalis, Straight cut suits, pant suits, churidars and so many more. Given the wide range of availability, women must choose the latest salwar kameez for women that match their personality. This is because the right type of dresses can enhance your personality by highlighting your charming features and lending you the confidence you want. On the other hand, sometimes when chosen incorrectly the really pretty salwar suits, can also take points away from your personality. 

Some women when impressed by the look of s Bollywood celebrity in a salwar kameez pattern try to copy it without understanding that her body type and personality might be very different from the celebrity. A straight cut salwar kameez that looks marvelous on one woman might look drab and unflattering on another. 

The only solution to this very obvious problem is to take a step back from the herd and find a salwar kameez that truly agrees with your personality.

Make a list of your favorites

It is very natural and normal to get distracted by the hoard of salwar kameez designs that flood the market and pick up something that is not a good purchase for you. Instead, make a list of features that you want which will help you find your perfect salwar kameez. This list will include information like your favorite colors, the fabrics that you love on your skin, your skin tone, the occasion you are shopping for, your body type and more.

Shop for your salwar kameez online

With all the convenience and discounts offered by eCommerce websites, it's redundant to shop from a brick and mortar store. If you haven't shopped online yet, try buying salwar kameez online and you will realize that you are getting the best of products and service at affordable prices. Additionally, you also end up saving time and effort as you get your selected salwar kameez delivered at your doorstep. Not to mention the availability of a wide range of salwar kameez that you can filter based on the color, fabrics, pattern, occasion and select the one that matches your personality. 

Find your color 

Some people look great in light pastel colors while others shine in dark and gaudy colors that you can't even imagine. This is the time to honestly look at yourself, your skin tone and decide which colors will compliment your skin tone based on which you will find the color palette that you can rock confidently. As you narrow down the list, you will find the colors that will suit your personality.

Pick the fabric you love

Nobody likes putting on a gorgeous salwar kameez that makes you want to scratch your skin out. When you are selecting a salwar kameez for you, make sure you select one made from the fabric that you are most comfortable in. Again there are a lot of choices from cotton, net, silk, georgette, and so many more, but stick to the comfortable one. Vanity doesn't always have to come at the price of your contentment. When you are not comfortable with the dress you are wearing, it will obviously not suit your personality either. So think about the fabric of your salwar kameez before making that purchase. 

How do you know what suits your personality? 

This is a million-dollar question that only you can honestly answer. At times, you might make a wrong judgment and end purchasing that is not really matching with your persona. In times like these, you have to as the hard questions, whether you are really a person that can wear contemporary fashion? Will you honestly be comfortable enough to carry it? Chances are if you are not a person aware about the latest trends, then you will not be able to pull of a salwar kameez representing contemporary fashion. So, you need to learn more about your personality before you order the perfect salwar kameez online.

Compare your different choices

One of the best things about online shopping is that you can compare your selected salwar kameez patterns and designs in real-time. If you are purchasing a salwar kameez online, then make sure that you compare all your choices on the basis of all the points we mentioned before along with the occasion you are shopping for and based on that buy the one best suited to your personality. 

One thing to understand about fashion is that it doesn't just have to look great but it should feel good as well. If you end up buying a salwar suit that looks great but doesn't feel comfortable, you might end up making a fashion faux pas. Invest some time into understanding your fashion persona, what she likes and what makes her feel good. Based on that you get the salwar kameez that is appropriate for your occasion and enhances your personality.