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Five Lehenga Styles to Wear in 2023

Five Lehenga Styles to Wear in 2023

  • Editorial Team

Whenever we think of wedding outfits we think of different lehenga styles, yes the two are inextricably linked. While you may want to flaunt your best ethnic style in 2023, finding the one that suits you best may not be that easy. However, you needn't worry because we will help you find the most glamorous piece of lehenga style that money could buy. Scroll down to know exactly how you can buy the best lehenga styles from the comfort of your home. Let’s first deep dive to find the reasons why the lehenga is a favorite among women and why they love shopping for them like no tomorrow.

Yellow Multi Embroidery Wedding Lehenga Choli

Top Reasons Why Lehengas Are The Most Favored Garment Among Women

The twirl-happy outfits are a bride’s and bridesmaid’s dream and we can completely understand why. You can make it look casual and formal as per your preferences. Here are the reasons why lehengas are such a big hit among fashionistas.

The Fun Part of Wearing Lehengas

Lehengas are a great deal of fun. If you are one of those girls who love to just twirl around for the gram or just like that, then lehengas are just the garment for you. You can choose a lehenga with quirky prints, tassels, or pop colors to make it even more fun.  You will get it all on Hatkay.com

The Youthful Appeal

We know that lehengas can be a fun outfit to wear but they also can make you look young. Yes, as they have a more glamorous look and Bollywood vibe than the other ethnic outfits. When you compare it with other outfits, they do look modish and youthful. The aesthetics of the outfit can also lend a hard-to-ignore sensuality.

A Form-Flattering Silhouette

The best part of lehengas is they suit most body types. Not only that, the bare mid-riff where the choli ends and the lehenga stars taper away creates the illusion of an hourglass figure. It enhances the structure of the body and makes you look stunning. Also, a lehenga is an amalgamation of western and Indian silhouettes.

Fit For All Occasions

There are very few outfits that are as versatile as the lehenga. You can wear the same lehenga for a pre-wedding ceremony or a less formal occasion. You can jazz up the outfit with a blouse or a heavy dupatta. You can remodel the outfit in myriad ways.

Different Types of Lehenga Styles

The outfit found its origin in North India in the 10th century. It then evolved in the 12th and 18th centuries during the Mughal rule. Here are the latest lehenga styles to add to your wardrobe to enrich it in every possible way.

Raw Silk Lehenga And Blouse

Raw silk couture lehenga and blouse styles have been in vogue for quite some time, and there is a good reason for that. As the richness of the fabric gives a royal vibe to the outfit. Ditch the same-old choli, instead focus on something bordering on the Western styles; for example, you can wear an embellished shirt, instead of wearing a choli. Ensure your shirt has embellished sleeves and a bare back. Jazz up your look with stunning earrings and a maang tikka to complete your look. Your raw silk lehenga skirt will be the perfect outfit for a wedding or a pre-wedding festivity. Wrap your body with a flimsy net dupatta. Keep your hair open or tease it into beachy waves to add a glam hairstyle to a glamorous outfit.

If you are a bride-to-be or the bride’s sister then you can always wear a backless choli. Select a single color and fabric for the entire outfit, which will be an absolute scene stealer. The beauty of the lehenga can only come out with a sensuous choli. The appeal of backless blouses has been in vogue from time immemorial. If you want to be a fashion-savvy bride then you cannot get away from the lure of backless blouse designs. Backless choli with lehengas adds a different type of dimension to the look. This look can be carried off with confidence and elan. Wear long earrings to go with your backless blouse and deck up your hair with a rose.

Anarkali Style Lehenga

One of the latest lehenga choli styles is the Anarkali style lehenga. Does this particular style combine two of the most enduring classics like Anarkali and the lehenga? You can match a lehenga skirt with a long, Anarkali-style raw silk kurta and give a nod to one of the most lehenga styles in vogue. Ensure your anarkali kurta comes with a slit to bring the best out of the look.

The summers are all about pastel shades like mint green and blossom pinks. If you are a big fan of the shade green, then this Anarkali lehenga suit from Hatkay.com is the best bet for you. Buy the https://www.hatkay.com/products/light-green-embroidered-anarkali-lehenga-suit for the next wedding you attend.

 Tulle Lehenga Skirt

Tulle skirts are now ruling the ramp and are a hot favorite among brides and bridesmaids thanks to their silhouette. As the fabric of the lehenga is lightweight and fine, it becomes the perfect choice for women who would want to have their lehengas light and manageable instead of heavy. Earlier tulle lehengas were plain but with time they have become gorgeous with the addition of embellishments, embroidery, and sequins.

More and more brides are opting for the tulle lehenga because of the fun and frothy nature of the lehenga fabric. Since the tulle skirt looks very modern, it can be paired with a modern choli, like a strappy blouse. When it comes to lehengas you can experiment with several styles and add a Western element to your outfit can be the perfect outfit to post on your Instagram handle. One-sided blouses are the latest fashion obsession of the fashion-conscious. A one-shoulder choli with floral appliques can be the perfect option for the next wedding you attend, especially destination weddings. The style includes modern sensibilities matching the changing times. Choose the right accessories to go with your glamorous outfit. A statement piece like a choker works great with one-shoulder or off-shoulder styles.

 If you are a bridesmaid and have lots of responsibility on your slender shoulders, ensure you wear the fuss-free tulle lehenga. Wear your hair in a chignon to highlight your outfit. Wear shoulder dusters and stylish sunnies to beat the heat and create a boho-bridesmaid style statement.

 Long Lehenga Skirt And Contrast Blouse

Brides now love to experiment with a different types of lehenga styles and different colors. The colors include pristine ivories and flaming reds to easy-on-the-eye pastels. You can select different colors for your long lehenga skirts to elevate your bridal fashion. You can curate different types of lehenga skirts but ensure to wear a contrasting blouse with it.

If you are headed to your bestie’s wedding ensure you mix and match your lehenga with a different blouse to create a unique look. Don’t opt for a patterned skirt and a contrasting patterned skirt as it will make the look very busy. Ensure at least, one of the separates is plain; this will give you the perfect outfit for millennials who loves to experiment with their outfits and not settle for the same old style.

Lehenga with a Princess Cut Choli

You can also wear it with a princess-cut blouse design is one of the most sought-after styles among brides and bridesmaids. The blouse with an open Dori style makes for a stunning look. You can pair this outfit with a pastel-colored skirt and pair it with a tulle dupatta. Round off your look with strobing cream to get that gorgeous glowing look. If you wear a mellow skirt team it with an ornate traditional long-sleeved blouse. Keep your makeup minimal if your outfit is too gorgeous, this way you will balance out your whole look. You can also combine the best of both worlds of a lehenga and a saree.

 Yes, an elegant combination of tradition and modern fashion sensibilities. The draping style is unique and combines the elegance of the nine yards. If you don’t wear it like a saree style, you can wear the dupatta with thin pleats and wear it like a saree. The skirt comes with a flared cut and tucks it like a hook. The ‘pallu’ is draped over the shoulder and it makes the saree-wearing process simple. In this case, the saree blouse is substituted with a choli. The outfit looks a little longer than the saree and lends a certain amount of sophistication and elegance to the look. This style gels very well with a princess-cut choli.

Top Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Different Lehenga Styles

While you may know which style suits you best, you need to take care of a few things before buying a lehenga.

 Research Before Buying

Spend some extra time to select a lehenga, that gels with your personality. Read more about the many trends in the market regarding different lehenga styles. When you consider these traits before making your lehenga purchase, you will end up buying the one which is closest to your personality.

Fix a Budget

There is a plethora of wedding outfits available in different price ranges, but buy the one which suits your budget the most. Getting the one lehenga you want may translate into a huge bill, so it is advisable to fix the budget first and then go for the kill.

 Buy A Lehenga That Suits You

It is very important to choose a lehenga that suits your body type. Ensure you buy a streamlined lehenga if you are on the heavier side. You can also add volume to your structure with ruffled lehengas or opt for a heavily embroidered lehenga. You can also opt for a form-flattering fish-cut lehenga that suits your curves and makes you look the best. Whatever type of body you may have, pear-shaped body or hourglass body, you may have a lehenga tailormade for you.

Keep the Weather in Mind

If you are opting for a lehenga for the sultry summer, then opt for lightweight fabrics such as net, crepe, and georgette.  The lightweight fabrics are easy-breezy and help you beat the summer sweat. Florals and lighter hues work great for the summers. However, winters call for bringing out the heavier fabrics, the raw silks and velvets, and opting for darker hues and longer-sleeved cholis.

Pair the Lehenga with Right Accessories and Blouse

The right accessory can make or break your lehenga. So spend some time selecting the right accessories, makeup and blouse, and dupatta. It is always advisable to select the right jewelry. Choose, stone-studded, polki, gold, or silver to enhance your outfit. You can jazz up any outfit with the addition of the perfect jewelry, it can make a plain lehenga look all dressy and gorgeous.

A blouse needs special attention too, ensure it fits you like a glove. A badly-fitted blouse or choli can make the most expensive lehenga look dull and drab. Apart from your blouse make sure you have the right make-up with you. Whether it is eye shadows, foundation, and primer, update your makeup box right to make you look drop-dead gorgeous for your wedding or your friends or relatives’ wedding.

Research more to find the outfit that looks pretty on you. Also, always choose an outfit that gels with the ambiance of the wedding. If you are attending the wedding of a close relative don’t go too bold with your choices. However, you can experiment more when you are attending a friend’s wedding. Bring out the one-shoulder blouses and the off-shoulder blouses. Lastly, always invest in a good dupatta that completes your look. Even if your ensemble does not come with a dupatta, buy one that complements the outfit. Always choose the right shoes with the outfit and ditch the stilettos. Walking around in high heels may not be the best idea, especially when you don’t know how many hours you may have to spend in the fancy lehenga and the fancy heels.