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Fashion Tips to Buy Bridal Saree Online for Your Wedding

Fashion Tips to Buy Bridal Saree Online for Your Wedding

  • Editorial Team

Aah, the hunt for the perfect bridal saree is what excites and is responsible for nightmares of most brides in India. According to the tradition of most Indian communities, it is the family of the groom that gifts the bridal saree to the bride.

Additionally, as older traditions go, women were expected to wear only sarees after the wedding which resulted in most friends and families also gifting sarees as the wedding gift to the new bride. The color palette of most bridal sarees would revolve around the darker shades of red, maroon, pink, etc which were considered to be the color of the bride.

However, in these modern times, that strategy has been dropped as many designer sarees are created with lighter pastel colors as well and are loved by the Indian women. 

If you didn’t know this earlier, you know it now, the hunt for the perfect bridal saree is no easy task. There are so many things you need to consider before purchasing the perfect bridal saree that makes you look drop-dead gorgeous. 

If you are a bride to be researching how to find the perfect bridal saree then you are in luck. We have created a list of all the important points you must understand and remember before you make that final purchase. 

Let’s get started

Buy the bridal saree a month before the Wedding

We know that the fashion industry moves very fast, what’s trending today might not be trending the next day. Thus, it might not be wise to buy your bridal saree months in advance as my then the saree might be outdated.

The chances of fashion trends changing in months are not that high but you must not risk it. Buy the bridal saree online a month before the wedding day. However, don’t delay it too much either as you also need to get the blouse stitched for your saree which could take anything between 8 – 10 days, which just gives you enough buffer time for any alterations if required. 

Do your research

Do your research before you sprint out of the door to buy your bridal saree. Check for the latest saree bridal saree trends of the season, the patterns you like, the color and everything else. Don’t forget to compare the prices as buying bridal saree is surely more affordable than an offline store along with the comfort of home delivery. 

Decide and stick to your budget

It is a huge hassle when you don’t have a set budget while shopping for bridal sarees. Especially in an offline store, where the salesmen will pour out one saree after another, overwhelming you with choices and each saree is more expensive than the other. Thus, it is essential that you decide on the budget before starting your wedding shopping.

Select the fabric carefully

The great Indian saree is nothing but 9 yards of gorgeous fabric draped around the body. Thus, the fabric used to make the saree is what will decide your entire bridal look and thus you must pick the fabric of your bridal saree according to your body and personality. Supposedly, women with round body type should avoid silk sarees or tissue sarees and instead opt for net bridal sareechiffon bridal saree or georgette bridal saree. This is because of the free-flowing fabric net, chiffon, and georgette hides the bulky flaws and enhances the feminine curves. Every bride wants to look breathtaking on her wedding day, thus it is important that you decide on the fabric carefully. 

Pick a color that compliments your skin tone 

It does not take a genius to realize that the color of your bridal saree should compliment your skin tone and body type. Women with a brighter skin tone can opt for sarees of brighter colors like orange, pink, green, blue, etc. Calling women with fuller bodies, dark color bridal sarees are your best friends as dark color sarees like maroon, red, olive green and more can make you look slimmer. Women with lean bodies should opt for designer sarees of trending pastel colors like baby pink, lilac, peach and more. 

Think of the saree pattern practically

Brides are no longer obliged to buy a super heavily embellished saree that is uncomfortable to wear and thus will lie in their closet for the rest of their lives. Modern Indian brides are smart about their shopping, and instead of buying impractical heavily embellished sarees, they prefer to buy a bridal saree with light work that is classy and elegant. These light work bridal saree can also be worn later on as well. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you can wear whatever you want- be it a pastel light saree or a heavily embellished traditional Indian saree.

Get creative with the blouse design 

The blouse of the bridal saree is another place where you can get super creative. Even though there is nothing wrong with a matching blouse, you can try something a little different and opt for a contracting colored blouse with your bridal saree. However, make sure that the contrasting color suits your skin and body type. You can even try a heavily embellished blouse with a lightly embellished saree- you are sure to garner compliments with that. 

There you go, you now have everything you need to know and understand about buying your bridal saree online. Tell us in the comments, what advice was the most useful to you?

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