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Different Types of Saree Draping for a Striking Look

Different Types of Saree Draping for a Striking Look

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India has long been recognized for its values and culture. India stands out compared to other nations due to many factors, including its clothes and culture. India is a multicultural country with many different cultures and religions, each with its own distinctive traditions and ways of life.

It is easiest to comprehend by watching a normal Bollywood film, after which you will undoubtedly concur that India is one of the world's cultural centers. From the historical structures of several religions to its distinctive folklore, music, and various traditional dances, everything feels amazing.

The distinctive Indian attire style is definitely impossible to ignore. But, how do you get the style that you need? For suppose you are wearing Indian sarees, a unique style can be achieved when you drape the saree perfectly. Order some sarees online from our website and try to experiment with your looks.


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Let us now look at the different ways to drape a saree to achieve a striking look.

  • A contemporary version of a drape: Synchronize your saree with modern trends to break up the monotony. With changing trends and interests, there are countless modern and eccentric off-beat drapes we can see every season. Modern drapes are heavily reliant on fabric. Because of their shiny and silky quality, materials like satin and silk are regarded as highly attractive.

By revealing some novel yet eye-catching saree wear styles, you can modernize the wrap approach. Giving it a slit and wrapping it like a dhoti is one way. Put a belt on after placing the pallu over your shoulder to further emphasize the outfit. Any one-toned or white-on-white saree in a sleek fabric will appear incredibly elegant and beautiful.

  • A formal drape: Looking for a stylish way to carry your Indian saree to work? Then, this is the right style for you. For the most part, we prefer Indian saree to festivals, yet this single incredible piece of clothing has other uses as well. Just discover the sophisticated and beautiful saree draping techniques used by our Bollywood celebs.

The saree should be draped as usual, and make use of the thick ethnic belts to complete your new look. Laces can be used to build them, but keep in mind that you'll be carrying them to work, so keep them as simple as possible. Finish the look with elegant outwears.

The greatest choices would be to wear capes, blazers that are hip-length, and formal ponchos. Keep your voice low as it conveys professionalism.

  • A perfect drape with an offbeat twist: When you think of unconventional styling, many Bollywood celebs come to your mind, right? Every woman who wants to maintain her unique style quotient wants to have a new style.

Giving your saree a unique twist doesn't mean doing it in a way that others find repulsive and adversely atypical; rather, it suggests that you do something out of the norm in a way that influences those around you.

Don't put your full effort into every component of the composition to achieve balance. Instead, concentrate on one or two key components. For example, you can choose a familiar drape while focusing on the patterns and sleeves of the garment.

  • Draping with a glam twist: The beautiful and alluring look can be achieved when you drape creatively. Just be conscious of the drapes, fabrics, colors, hairstyles, jewelry, and makeup that will do the theme absolute justice. Choose a half-and-half drape for your first wrap style to get the best of both worlds. The best options include fabrics like nets, silks, organza, and satins.

To make your beautiful Indian saree look more elegant, have the net embroidered with sequins and stones. Use your pallu in a unique way by adding a dash of glitz to it. Create delicate contrasts by combining hues from the same color family; for instance, if you are choosing gold, group it with brown or bronze.

If you want to display your glam side, a tidy hairstyle is necessary. Depending on the dress and eye makeup, lip colors can range from the bare minimum to a vivid red.

  • Draping to get a vintage twist: This can be useful for you if you don't want to lose the grace and elegance of vintage clothing. Picking out an appropriate petticoat can help you get that vintage look. Your greatest option if you want your structure to look flawless is a fish-cut petticoat. A classic U-neckline with half- or 3/4-sleeves can also highlight the ageless nature of vintage fashion.

Your jewelry must get some attention because it separates the previous and current centuries. If you want to look like a Bollywood star from the 1980s, pearls are your go-to accessory. Try a wavy hairstyle and dangling pendants to look really beautiful, and get a striking look in this beautiful Indian saree.

Hope you have got some amazing drape styles in your bucket now. Try to test your looks every now and then to display your unique style. At Hatkay.com, you will find some cool collections of Indian sarees to experiment with and show your creative style.

Now, how about draping traditional Indian sarees? Let us check it out now.

Draping Traditional Indian Sarees for a Modern Look

Here are some ways that you can do to get a modern look while wearing your traditional Indian saree.

  • Wear a western blouse: There are countless options for the typical blouse. By mixing the above-listed drapes with western clothes, you can create a lovely Indo-western composition. A classic or boring saree can be improved with distinctive silhouettes and cuts. Finish the look with black ankle-length leather boots and rusted jewelry for a bohemian feel.

Here are some lovely blouse alternatives for you.

  1. Crop top: The safest alternative to Indian blouses is a basic crop top in a solid color. They go well with sarees in regional prints like bandhani or batik made of linen, cotton, or khadi.
  2. Corset: A body-fitting support garment is a corset. Despite its history as an undergarment, women are increasingly styling it as chic top wear. There are many different corset styles available, but find the ones that go best with traditional sarees to get a stunning look for any occasion that you go to.

  • Statement Jacket: Blazers or jackets can help you transform your traditional sarees into a new look so that you can wear them to the office. When it comes to blazer or jacket styles and shapes, there are many choices. Some examples are cape blazers, patterned blazers, sleeveless blazers, and more. Here are a couple of unconventional blazer designs you can wear with an Indian saree.

  1. Ankle-length jackets: There are many different styles of ankle-length jackets, including angrakha, asymmetrical, empire-line cuts, and many more. They look wonderful with belts and silk sarees.
  2. Satin blazer: This blazer with floral motifs is your best option if you desire a colorful outfit. Simple and solid-colored sarees can be used to balance the fusion.
  3. Notch-collared blazers: For a truly professional style, try branded office-wear blazers as they are ideal for the winter.

  • Try unconventional drapes: Instead of relying solely on traditional pressed folds and sunray pleating, explore novel draping techniques. Make the most of social media. It consumes a significant portion of everyone's day. Discover new fashion trends with up-and-coming influencers, innovative trendsetters, and well-known celebrities. Here are a few unusual drapes that combine elegance and modernity.

  1. Single-side drape: Pleat a few meters of the saree and tuck it in the middle of your front side. This is called the one-side drape. Once the first step is finished, take the remaining cloth and wrap it around your waist until it is in the middle, then place it on your shoulder. With pants and trousers, this drape looks its finest.
  2. Drape in dhoti-pant style: For a dhoti-pant style drape, the steps are the same as for a one-side drape with the exception that in the first step, the pleats should tuck in toward the side of your waist rather than the center. It goes with dhoti-pants, as the name implies. With this draping design, peplum or waist-length blouses work fantastically.
  3. Neck-wrap drape: You can begin draping just like how you drape regularly. The only slight modification is that the pallu must be wrapped around the neck, which changes the overall traditional appearance. To make it even more contemporary, try urban tops.


Pink And Green Traditional Embroidered Banarasi Silk Saree


So, the above three ways can help you drape a traditional Indian saree with a modern look. Hatkay.com has some of the best Indian sarees that can give a unique and striking look. Shop to your heart’s content, and we guarantee that you won’t regret it.


With new draping styles flooding the market, it’s time for you to try them and see how good they are for you. At Hatkay.com, we have Indian sarees that will help you drape differently and get a whole new look. Browse through our premium collection right away, and we assure you will be spoilt for choice.