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Best sarees for women to buy in the USA, UK, Canada, and outside India online for Indian wedding

Best sarees for women to buy in the USA, UK, Canada, and outside India online for Indian wedding

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Whether you are in India or abroad, women always turn to their favorite Indian sarees to look their best, and look for Indian wedding sarees for women to buy in USA, UK, and Canada. We understand why women love to dress up at their best, enhancing their feminine glory in sarees, as Indian weddings are grand and colorful events, full of customs and age-old traditions. Women abroad, spend days finding the perfect saree, which is a big part of their preparation. While, it is easy to procure traditional sarees in India? It may not be so abroad. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our curated list of the best sarees for women to buy in the USA, UK, Canada, and outside India online for an Indian wedding.

Which is the perfect saree for Indian weddings? Well, when it comes to Indian sarees, you’ll be certainly spoilt for choice! Indian sarees promise vibrant colors, and traditional customs, and stepped into tradition and history. With the advent of technology, it is now easy, more than ever, to buy sarees from anywhere in the world. In this blog we will explore the best sarees for women to buy online in the USA, UK, Canada, and outside India for the big fat Indian wedding.

The saree is nearly 5000 years old and dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, where even terracotta figurines were seen draped in what looked like a version of the modern-day saree. The term 'saree' is derived from the word 'sattika', meaning a strip of cloth. With time the saree evolved and became synonymous with cultural identity and social status. Here are some of the best sarees that you can wear even if you don’t live in India.


Sky Blue Multicoloured Kashmiri Handloom Weaved Silk Saree


Resplendant Banarasi Saree

Indian weddings are incomplete without Banarasi sarees and there is a good reason for it. There cannot be anything as plush, as beautiful, and as resplendent as a banarasi saree. The sarees are known for their intricate designs and inherent opulence. The silk sarees are enriched with gold and silver brocade work. Originally, the weaving of Banarasi sarees was only limited to royalty. Earlier, real gold and silver threads, were used to make them.

However, today Banarasi sarees are a lot more accessible and is a part of every woman’s wardrobe. In fact, it is every woman’s dream to own a gorgeous beautiful saree steeped in rich history. Celebrities like Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone have donned the beautiful saree with great effect. The plush reds and the deep pinks are the chosen colors. However, you can lay your hands on beautiful minty green and lovely lilacs as well, which look as gorgeous as the bolder shades. If you cannot think beyond reds, here is our pick for you, https://www.hatkay.com/collections/banarasi-sarees/products/red-embroidered-banarasi-silk-sare. The color of the saree and the embroidery makes a winning combination and you can’t go wrong with this one.


Pink Embroidered Banarasi Silk Saree


The Charismatic Kanjeevaram Sarees

The intricate designs, rich colors, and plush fabrics can give banarasi sarees a run for their money. They are an answer to North India’s banarasi sarees in their luxurious look and traditional appeal. The Kanjeevaram saree is now available on various online shopping websites and accessible in the USA, UK, Canada, and countless other countries. It is considered to be one of the most gorgeous sarees around the world. The origin of the Kanjeevaram saree can be traced back to the village of its origin, Kanchipuram; hence, the saree is also called Kanchipuram. The saree is a unique blend of colors, intricate patterns, and sturdy yet soft fabric. You can see the accents of gold threads in the saree making it fit to wear on most occasions, including, weddings. Eminent actresses like Vidya Balan is a strong advocates of this saree, and we understand why. It is one saree that can prove to be the perfect hand-me-down for the next generations. The saree is paired with beautiful and alluring gold jewelry. And it can be a perfect scene stealer for weddings abroad. If you want to be timeless, you need to gift yourself a Kanjeevaram or perhaps ask someone to gift it to you; we are sure they aren't going to say no!

Shimmering and Slinky Chiffon Sarees

Growing up, our sartorial dreams were made out of heroines donning chiffon sarees, braving the cold of the exotic mountains, and still managing to look ethereal in the process. Well, we will be lying if we didn’t imagine ourselves in their place. The gorgeous sarees still manage to pack a punch in the movies and in our hearts. The fluttering light-on-our-bodies sarees look great in gorgeous shades, right from reds to blues. There is the color of every mood and every shade.

They are just the right saree for summer weddings. Chiffon hails from France and is gorgeous and versatile; even the inimitable Maharani Gayatri Devi from Cooch Behar loved wearing chiffon sarees. In fact, her sarees were curated from Lyon, France. Its exquisite drape is what appeals to most women. The fabric is available in a large number of colors. It is also easy on your pockets, and you can buy a gamut of sarees with amazing prints at Hatkay.com. You can look drop-dead gorgeous in these sarees. Not only are they a wedding favorite, but they can be the perfect option to wear on formal occasions too including your office. You can dress up your chiffon sarees with a belt and choose glamorous shoulder dusters to pep up your look. In fact, you can go from an office look to a wedding look in a matter of seconds in a chiffon saree. Since they are so easy to drape you can try different draping styles without breaking up a sweat. An embellished chiffon saree is your best bet for weddings.


Lavender Mukaish Weaved Modal Silk Saree


Statement-Making Designer Sarees

Designer sarees are the perfect option for you if you want to make a statement. Designer sarees are available in a plethora of designs and colors, and you can rock your designer sarees at plush weddings. Today, you can get a saree that is easy to drape and needs no fussing over. Most of these designer sarees are pre-stitched, and all you have to do is drape it around your body in the most flattering way possible. Designer sarees are available in a variety of fabrics, including unexpected ones like pleather. Then there are fabrics such as georgettes, organza, silks, and more. A high-end designer saree can fix most of your sartorial worries.

This type of sarees are look distinctive with pretty tribal motifs and ruffles or just hand-painted with gorgeous florals. You can also buy a saree embellished with resham work. Designer sarees can make a statement with their grace and finesse. Go bold with your accessory choices; tt just makes the entire saree stand out. Choose geometric-shaped earrings or chokers, and will be your distinctive look more like a Bollywood meets runway look. We are sure the other guests will be happy to get style cues from you.

The Ubiquitous and Glamorous Net Sarees

Net sarees stand out for their sheer elegance, and they can be seen at all weddings and other formal events. These sarees come in a range of colors and designs, making them a versatile option. You can find a vast selection of net sarees online. Women tend to drape the saree in a way like an open pallu. This way, women can flaunt the rich embroidery in the best way possible.

 The pleats of the net sarees can fall easily, thanks to the easy draping style of the saree. The net sarees are heavily embroidered and hence the right pick for weddings. No wonder most women love to wear net sarees on most occasions like weddings. Team your look with diamond or stone-studded earrings to highlight the embellishments on the saree. You can select a different set of jewelry, if you don’t want to try the tried and tested route. How about experimenting with an amulet or a haathphool or a nose-ring?


Peach Traditional Silk Saree


Stunning Silk Sarees

If you want to add a luxurious touch to your wedding outfit, then you have to buy silk sarees at Hatkay.com. Silk sarees lend a luxurious feel to the outfit, no wonder it is called, the ‘Queen of Fabrics.” You will have a long list of silk sarees such as Tussar, Muga, Chanderi, and the works. You can take your pick depending on the kind of look you are looking for, whether you are aiming for a full traditional look or a modern look.

A tussar is the perfect option for a complete traditional look, whereas a Chanderi or Muga is your best option if you are aiming for a more boho-chic vibe. Silk sarees are an effortless way to glam up your wedding look. Wear a gorgeous sleeveless blouse or a halter-neck blouse to slay at a summer wedding. However, if it is a winter wedding, then you can opt for full-sleeved blouses with deep-cut necklines. The easiest way to don a chic outfit at a wedding is to wear a silk saree. If you are trying to go for a more posh yet stylish look, then try a waistcoat, that can make for an arresting presence. Hatkay.com has a distinctive and myriad collection of silk sarees that you have to check out if you want to make your wedding look this season stand out.

Vibrant and Distinctive Patola Sarees

Patola sarees are distinctive because of their intricate designs and vibrant hues. The look, the feel, and the texture make it one of the best types to wear at weddings. These sarees are made up of a variety of colors and designs and hail from Patan, Gujarat, India. They have five-color designs, dying the fabric right before weaving, making it into a reversible fabric. Patolas are ornate and gorgeous thanks to the intricate designs. The stunning fabric is bedecked with a chabardi bhat (basket design) that makes it so different from others. Patola sarees use natural dyes, and the twist and the precision of the warp and woof of the saree make it a favorite among women.  


Burnt Orange Patola Silk Saree


The saree is one of the most elegant drapes you can try and is distinctive as it represents the Indian culture and tradition, representing the rich heritage and culture of the country. Each state wears the saree differently and drapes it differently, screaming a unique cultural identity. Whenever a woman thinks of wearing a saree at a wedding in India or abroad, they cannot think beyond this timeless and elegant nine yards of sheer gorgeousness. Wear gold accessories with this gorgeous saree. It brings the best out of the stunning saree. With the tinkling of the gold bangles and the jhumkas, it can make for a gorgeous ensemble.

If you are looking to buy online for an Indian wedding, whether you're in the USA, UK, Canada, or outside India, then don’t worry you can buy a saree right at your home. All you need to do is to relax, and enjoy the process of browsing through the gamut of options. And you don’t have to throng the crowded shops, where you have to spend quite some time going through the collection and finding something you want. Instead, when you go online to shop at various websites, you enjoy the process of finding what you want. Waiting for it to arrive in a pretty little package right at your doorstep gives you a different high altogether.

Like they say when in doubt, wear the saree, and when not in doubt, wear the saree too. The saree is a big part of Indian culture and represents timelessness, grace, elegance, and tradition. With its rich history, diverse styles, and key cultural significance, the saree has truly become a symbol of Indian identity around the world. From the rich Banarasi to the peerless Kanjeevaram to the exquisite Chanderi to the breezy Bandhani, the saree is a canvas for art, representing the diversity of cultural heritage of India.