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Best Indian Clothes shopping guide in the USA

Best Indian Clothes shopping guide in the USA

  • Editorial Team

Living in the USA? Searching for the best Indian clothes that you usually wear? Confused about where to buy them? Don’t worry! Here is Hatkay.com to serve your needs. Shopping for the best traditional Indian clothes that are trendy is now so easy than ever before.

From the comfort of your home, order the finest Indian clothes such as sarees, lehenga cholis, salwar kameez, and more while you are in the USA from us. We shall get it delivered to your doorstep within no time so that you can celebrate the next big occasion in style.

Best Indian Clothes Shopping Guide

  • Saree Trends
  • An Indian saree exudes grace and refinement. The eccentric sarees seamlessly straddle tradition and fashion. Therefore, being aware of the most recent saree collections will quickly enhance your appearance and make you seem chic and composed. 


    Bridal Pink Zari Weaved Jacquard Silk Saree


    Here, let us examine the various saree fashion trends that you will love to add to your wardrobe.

    • Sarees with lehenga style for people who love to look ultra-stylish: The lehenga saree wraps around a skirt similar to a traditional saree worn around the petticoat. This offers you more styling options than a typical saree wrap. Call it mermaid-style, A-line, or fully flared.

    Lehengas are the ideal choice for Indian wedding dresses since they offer more possibilities than the typical saree pleats. Traditional jhumkas such as statement earrings would give your lehenga saree outfit more oomph.

    Red Orange Embroidered Silk Saree

    • Change things completely with a Dhoti saree: A ready-made dhoti saree is ideal for parties like cocktail celebrations since it is easy, comfy, and fashionable. The overall appearance of a dhoti-style saree can be enhanced by combining a lovely Indian "dhoti" bottom with a gracious Indian saree pallu and toying with prints like floral, digital, etc. This will give you a casual but not too casual appearance. Your ethnic clothing will always include recurring patterns and bold designs.

    • Gowns in the saree style are a time savior: The saree gown is a hassle-free garment that combines heritage and modernity. Saree-style gowns are a great option for evening parties and public gatherings because of their long trains, flowing drapes, sparkling embellishments, and sequin fabrics. You can carry a simple look with conventional ones.

    Satin and georgette sarees can undoubtedly improve the appearance of your saree-style gown thanks to blouse styles like tulle tiers, feather trimmings, and even ruffled blouses.

    • Sequins that are pre-stitched for partygoers: A pre-stitched pleated saree may instantly transform you into a stunning woman without the hassle of tucking, pleating, or changing the pallu length, which is ideal whether you are new to saree draping or you are just running late for the party.

    But choose your textiles wisely. All body types can wear silk and crepe, but a toned body looks best in chiffon and cotton sarees. Your party-wear outfit will have luxurious detailing thanks to colorful sequin sarees and the ruffles eruption.

    • Saree in pant style for the boss lady feel: Pant-style sarees will elevate your traditional appearance by fusing it with the newest trends, making them the ideal choice for occasions such as engagements and other small gatherings. They are also a lifesaver if you are aware of your figure because they give your appearance fluidity.

    Jewelry should be kept to a minimum because the outfit will move on its own. Your firm favorite may be warm tones spread throughout the color spectrum. So, pair it with lighter and darker colors for a tonal outfit.

    If you keep certain fashion trends in mind, these saree types in your closet can easily improve your ethnic game. Choose a lehenga saree for a classic look, ruffles for style, or designer blouses for a fusion look. Layer your outfit, use a wide color palette, and choose your accessories carefully because they can make or break your overall appearance.

  • Lehenga Trends
  • The wedding season is here, and what better outfit than a lehenga choli to wear for the special occasion? The time of year for glitz, splendor, and attire! But if it's you getting married, choosing the best wear for Indian weddings is a big matter.

    Choosing bridal fashion also takes careful and astute decision-making due to the shifting trends and fashions. So let's collect a few distinctive items that definitely belong in the bridal trousseau.


    Turquoise And Pink Multi Embroidery Wedding Lehenga Choli


    • An embroidery flared lehenga for a fairy tale effect: When you walk down to the wedding mandap, the most spectacular ghera will be produced by paneled lehengas as they append volume to the flares.

    A new perspective on style and aesthetics can be achieved by adorning it with elaborate zari and stonework details and heavy embroidery in dramatic hues of red, yellow, green, and gold. Your flares will stand out, thanks to the vibrant decorations and Indian color scheme.

    • For a traditional touch, use royal red shade: Red shades are a popular choice for brides in Indian weddings as they give the bridal attire an unrivaled air of grandeur. For an Indian bride, the timeless classic of all-over golden embroidery with various shades of different colors such as orange and maroon can never fail. Wear a traditional belt to keep your dupatta and pallu right to give your outfit a polished appearance.

    • Avoid the heavy rules by being minimalist: By customizing your bridal lehenga between fashion and tradition, you, as the bride, determine the measure of graceful balance in it. Pastel colors and floral embroidery with a sparkle of stones and sequins are your cleverer selections instead of an overload of sparkle and trends if you want to embrace your inner millennial vivacity. You will stand out on your wedding day if you wear a simple and light wedding lehenga.

    • Double dupattas give a traditional charm: Dupattas offer a unique, custom appeal that immediately enhances a bride's appearance. Brides can exude an exquisite, timeless vibe by layering two dupattas. Because you must carry that weight on your head, wear a heavy dupatta and another one which is light that is made of chiffon or net.

    Consider wearing tone-on-tone or contrasting dupattas over the same ones. If you are looking for the newest color combinations, choose the ones from Hatkay.com. We assure you will love them to the core because of the vibrant look.

    • D-day glam multi-color bridal lehengas: Uninterested in a certain color? You might choose to wear entirely shaded bridal lehengas or have entire sections in various colors. Brides can experiment with their wedding lehenga. From rainbow hues styled with frills on the hem to neutral color-blocked with lavishly embroidered sequins and floral designs, all are better choices.

    A designer blouse with beads and a tassel hem in pearls can bring out your vivacious and jazzy side. To finish the outfit, accessorize appropriately with diamond- or stone-studded jewelry sets.

    Let the bridal lehenga bridge the gap between dream and reality for women who are as inventive as they are. A must-have are traditional flares and embellishments like zari, stones, or embroidery. To define your unique sense of style, feel free to experiment with dupatta colors and drapes. To give your bridal attire the classic bride feel, try adding a dash of crimson. Purchase your preferred Indian bridal lehenga from us and let us share it on your special day!

  • Salwar Kameez Trends
  • Out of the many salwar kameez, the trendy ones and the most preferred by women are the shararas. Every decade has its own vintage appeal in the world of fashion, but in recent years, everyone the Bollywood celebs has been utterly fixated on the delicateness of Pakistani design.

    Today, it is reasonable to conclude that, above all other clothing options, sharara suits have unquestionably remained the finest suited for the philosophy of current Indian fashion, which tries to make wearing our ethnic clothing more comfortable.

    Everyone, from established brands to up-and-coming ones, has an exciting collection of looks inspired by Pakistani Sharara suits. These looks have also won the approval of many celebrities, who are showcasing this classic ethnic outfit in a variety of ways and giving it a completely modern spin.


    Blue Golden Embroidery Pakistani Pant Style Suit


    • Switch to sharara suits instead of casuals: The fact that celebrities may be seen wearing sharara suits casually all over the place demonstrates the core theme of current trends, which is- you are comfortable and that is all that matters. At Hatkay, we support the idea of comfort and style as well.

    We concur with our celebrities- a casual sharara suit in cozy materials like cotton with lace or tassel embellishments would be appropriate in helping to make you more at ease and your outfit of the day significantly trendy.

    • Wedding outfits can be replaced with shararas: Choose a sharara on your special day instead of a traditional lehenga or an Anarkali. Our favorite celebrities achieved that with this Pakistani outfit by striking a mix between grace and traditional delicacy that also complements their personalities and sense of style.

    The sharara suit, which has intricate embroidery and brilliant ornamentation, is a welcome contrast to the traditional lehenga, which is gradually beginning to feel more like a wedding dress.

    • Get the needed glam with a sharara-style saree: The sharara-style saree that our celebrity chose is the primary update and a lighthearted twist to this ethnic attire that has everyone enthralled. You can rely on your pallu, which is draped in the style of a saree to make the entire outfit stand out because it is the ideal combination of style and comfort.

    What more could anyone possibly want when they can enjoy the ease of a light sharara and the elegant flamboyance of a saree both in a single magnificent garment?

    • How about gharara suits for festivals? The last option is gharara suits, which have a similar shape to the sharara and a hint of tailored sartorial elegance. Whether it's their pre-wedding or commercial events, women love to step out in this cool look more than ever before.

    A gharara suit should be on your must-have list if you are thinking of a festive appearance or want to attend a party wearing an adaptable, yet striking traditional fit.

    Hope this shopping guide will help you find the right Indian clothes for different occasions of yours. We have compiled this list to make sure you get the best ones for specific occasions to celebrate every occasion of yours in style.

    Fashion Hacks to Style Your Best in Indian Clothes

    If you are looking to learn more styling advice and fashion tricks, we have them below. Although we are aware that everyone is curious to see some fashion advice, this time we have specific advice mainly for curvy girls. You did hear correctly. Real curvy girl fashion tips exist. They transform your fashion statement and work like magic.

    Girls with curves tend to choose loose clothing and avoid trying out tight-fitting outfits. But, why not? Bring it on now by following our tips and tricks.

    • Pick your dress perfectly: Let's be clear upfront. If you have curves, you should not purchase a straight dress. An unattractive straight dress could spoil your style. Choose A-line dresses instead, which are flattering on girls with curvaceous bodies and pear-shaped bodies.

    You can also choose clothes that slightly constrict your waist. The cinch enhances your appearance and draws attention to the area of your body that is the slimmest, revealing an excellent hourglass form.

    • Make use of belts to enhance your attire: You never know how many more accessories might bring to your look. Use a belt to accentuate your waist and give your clothing more dimension. Style a thick belt because it’s better compared to thin belts, and looks more upscale.

    • Buy flattering fits: Avoid oversized fittings while purchasing a stylish outfit, such as kurta sets or tunic tops. When you choose oversized clothing, it typically conceals your hip line and contours. However, the long sleeves and oversized outfits make you appear boxy and even bigger. Consequently, be sure to get outfits that fit your body well and have a slight flare at the waist or leg.

    We now think that you have clearly understood how to purchase Indian wear online. Shop now from Hatkay.com, which is the best place to order Indian clothes for women. Shop from the USA or any other place in the world, and we will deliver it quickly to make sure you celebrate your next big occasion majestically.