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Best Ideas to Pick the Right Indian Outfits for the Upcoming Wedding Season

Best Ideas to Pick the Right Indian Outfits for the Upcoming Wedding Season

  • Editorial Team

In India, weddings are celebrated as a festival. Especially for the bride, it is a big occasion. From choosing the best outfit for the wedding to looking glamorous to many other things, there is a lot to look at for the bride. So, if you are confused about finding ideas to pick the perfect Indian outfits for your wedding or any wedding that you are going to attend, we have compiled a list of the top ideas for you.

The list below not just comprises the best outfits, but it also has some ideas that can enhance your overall Indian outfit.

  • Lehenga with floral motifs
  • Florals are always in style, and that will never fade away. It is a favourite choice for all women. If you want to wear it for your wedding or to someone’s wedding that you are willing to go to, wear a lehenga with floral motifs, and there is no stopping you. Wearing Indian outfits with floral motifs will help you stand out without a doubt.

    Lehenga with floral motifs

    The small motifs, block printing, and heavy embroidery on the outfit will take your style statement to the next level. Finding the best floral designs can be tough sometimes because there are hundreds of varieties available on the market. But what if you could find the best all in one place?

    Hatkay.com has the finest collection of Indian clothes where the floral motifs and the designs are next to impressive, and you will fall in love with the collection without a doubt. So, when you are in doubt, just shop with us. We have dupattas that complement the outfit. All you have to do is wear the right jewellery and makeup to get a striking look.

  • Saree with a statement blouse:
  • A typical choice for most weddings is a saree. But it’s not the saree that makes heads turn, but the blouse that you wear. A statement blouse is the right choice for a saree to get a fabulous look. It is in style nowadays for weddings as you can flaunt your back.

    Saree with a statement blouse

    Wear a light-coloured saree and a statement blouse, leave the tresses open, and a nice pair of heels and a statement ring is what you need to enhance your looks in these kinds of beautiful Indian wedding outfits.

  • Floor-length Anarkali:
  • Anarkali suits are everyone’s favourite choice of wear for all occasions. Be it a wedding, pooja, festival, engagement, birthday party, or any other occasion, Anarkali is the outfit that gives you a stylish and elegant look. Though there are many Anarkali suits, a floor-length Anarkali is one of the top-most choices for women because of the charm that it gives.

    Floor-length Anarkali

    This is one of the very few outfits that is perfect for all kinds of body types. This is one of the reasons why it is in every woman’s wardrobe. It is a comfortable outfit as you can wear it all day. Make sure you buy a floor-length Anarkali with complex embroidery and heavy designs to get a nice look. Besides, try to find Anarkalis with mirror work, a dupatta of the nice fabric, the right pair of matching heels, and dainty jewellery to complete your look.

  • Gharara:
  • For royalty in your looks, a gharara is the finest choice of wear for Indian weddings. It’s not easy to pull off these kinds of Indian outfits. But you can still try if you love to experiment with your looks. Try to find gharara suits with intricate embroidery work on our website, and you are all set to rock the wedding.


    We suggest you wear a matching silver necklace and earrings that are matching. Also, straight hair looks better on this outfit, and just do the right makeup to get a breathtaking look. We have an extensive collection of the latest 2022 style gharara suits right now at affordable prices. Shop for the upcoming wedding season right away as the best stock may be sold out.

  • The evergreen silk saree:
  • The first choice that comes to our mind when we think about Indian wedding clothes is the silk saree. It’s evergreen always, right? When in doubt, just wear a silk saree because we are most comfortable in what we wear. The traditional silk saree is the most picked choice of Indian outfits particularly for special occasions such as a wedding, anniversaries, festivals, and other similar occasions.


    silk saree


    Even if you are a guest at a wedding, you can flaunt your style easily by wearing a silk saree. Make sure you find a silk saree with gold borders and a sleeveless blouse to get a striking look. Have a bindi to complement your traditional look.

  • Sharara:
  • Just like a gharara, a sharara gives a similar look and is good for almost all body types. You can buy sharara, a kind of Indian clothes for your children as well. They give a modern look and are less intimidating. To enhance your looks in this outfit, wear bangles that match your dress and dainty earrings to look like a princess.

    Overall, any of the salwar kameez styles, different sarees, or a lehenga choli looks great for wedding occasions. All these Indian wedding clothes make you stand out if you order the ones that look great on you. There are hundreds of outfits when it comes to Indian wedding outfits, and choosing the perfect outfit is not an easy choice. But when you shop at Hatkay, it becomes easy for you because of the fab-new collection.

    Indian Outfits for Different Occasions

    Usually, Indian weddings last for 3 days, right? Starting with Ganesha Pooja, which is a festival performed in most Hindu families with friends and family members. On the next day, there will be a sangeet or Mehndi ceremony, where they celebrate the occasion by dancing. The sangeet ceremony is then followed by the wedding that takes place on the third day.

    Mostly, for a traditional Indian wedding, wear a saree because everyone expects you to be in a saree when you are the bride. Others who are visiting the wedding can wear different Indian clothes like a lehenga choli, salwar kameez, gown, etc, but a saree is definitely the top choice when it comes to a wedding.

    Depending on the ceremony that you wish to go to, you need to dress accordingly. Some ceremonies may require covered shoulders, heads should be covered on some occasions, which can be followed based on the traditions. If the venue is a temple or a mosque, the dressing styles will have to vary even more.

    For different rituals, you can follow different dressing styles such as:

    • For Roka, you can keep your outfit simple.
    • For engagement, you can have a rocking style
    • Casual outfit for Mehndi
    • Stunning outfit for sangeet
    • Yellow colour Indian clothes for Haldi
    • Traditional Indian wedding outfits for your D-day
    • For the reception, wear Indian outfits that make you stand out

    So, depending on the occasion, you must try different Indian outfits. Now that you have got an understanding of what to wear for each occasion, make a note and follow it with ease. You don’t have to have all the hassle during your wedding, right? So, try to find answers to all your questions 1 month before the wedding so that you will be all geared up to rock your every occasion.

    Shop for Indian Clothes Online at Hatkay.com

    There are many shopping portals online that sell Indian clothes, but you need the best for your special occasions, right? Dressing up well will give you a sense of confidence that makes you look on all your occasions. So, let nothing hold you back in choosing the right attire for your wedding-related occasions.

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    Now that the festival and wedding season is almost near, try to purchase a few of the latest styles quickly before the best Indian clothes that you like are sold out. When you shop with us, you will get value for the money that you have spent. Also, since it is an online shopping website, the cost is definitely lower than in stores. So, what are you waiting for now?

    Get your hands on the best of the best wedding collections right away! We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. You can place an order from anywhere in the world, and we will ensure that your order reaches you in no time. Enjoy shopping now at every woman’s favourite shopping destination, which is Hatkay.com.